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Bailanghe Scenic Area

Weifang Binhai District Bailanghe Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group. Established in July 2020, its main business includes Bailang River Scenic Area, Wenchang Lake Zhumeng Square Scenic Area, Bailang Star Scenic Area, recreational projects, water sports and leisure projects, and comprehensive services including food, accommodation, travel, and entertainment.


Bailanghe Scenic Area



Weifang Binhai District Bailanghe Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group. Established in July 2020, its main business includes Bailang River Scenic Area, Wenchang Lake Zhumeng Square Scenic Area, Bailang Star Scenic Area, recreational projects, water sports and leisure projects, and comprehensive services including food, accommodation, travel, and entertainment.
1. Bailang River Scenic Spot
Bailang River Scenic Spot is located in Weifang Binhai District, close to the Bailang River estuary. The existing projects include the "Eye of the Bohai Sea" Ferris wheel project, the entertainment project under the bridge, the water sports leisure center, the dragon boat sailing base, etc. It was rated as a national 3A level in 2018. The tourist attraction is a demonstration base of Weifang City's cultural industry, and has won many honors such as the High Quality Service Award of Shandong Provincial Quality Tourism Promotion Association.
The most famous amusement project in Bailanghe Scenic Spot is the world's highest-"Bohai Eye Ferris Wheel", with a height of 145 meters and a roulette diameter of 125 meters, successfully breaking the Guinness World's tallest shaftless Ferris wheel. The world record is recognized by the industry as the world's first Ferris wheel in grid form. It is the world's first Ferris wheel with axleless wheel and bridge. "Bohai Eye Ferris Wheel" has a total weight of more than 5,000 tons. It adopts the integrated design of axleless wheel and bridge. The lighting project of "Bohai Eye Ferris Wheel" is very exquisite. It consists of 130,000 LED point light sources. Each point light source is controlled by a program to change different colors and patterns to achieve a bright and dreamy lighting effect. The brightly lit "Eye of the Bohai Sea Ferris Wheel" has become a well-known Internet celebrity check-in place in the country, and many domestic and foreign tourists have come to take pictures inexplicably.
The space under the bridge in Bailang River Scenic Spot has carefully prepared five indoor amusement projects for tourists: Canada TIROTECH representative XD Interactive Cinema - Werewolf Twilight City, which ingeniously combines game entertainment and dynamic cinema technology; Japan's Huaxia Sega Transformers Project combines 3D animation The perfect integration of technology and somatosensory equipment; the simulation of Disneyland's hundreds of millions of classic gun games - Assault God of War; the virtual roller coaster allows tourists to experience a thrilling journey in the virtual world; the bubble experience hall is full of childlike dreams.
While playing, Bailanghe Scenic Spot provides tourists with unique catering services-water bar area and leisure bar, where tourists can drink exquisite freshly ground latte art coffee, fresh and delicious freshly squeezed juice, delicious Hot dog sticks and Su Xiao Crisp, egg tarts made on site, donuts, and various nutritious simple lunch boxes, etc., allow tourists to have fun and eat at ease in the scenic area.
The Commodity Department of Bailanghe Scenic Area has prepared a variety of special commodities for tourists. Among them are kites, the symbol of Weifang's traditional culture, and salt carving products that represent the characteristics of Binhai District. In addition, the scenic spot has also developed scaled down Ferris wheel keychains, Ferris wheel bookmarks, Ferris wheel crystal carvings, Ferris wheel mobile phone cases, and children's Toys, Internet celebrity products, etc., have strong local characteristics and artistic commemorative value.
"The Eye of the Bohai Sea Ferris Wheel" straddles the Bailang River. The waters of the Bailang River are wide and the water quality is first-class. After the national certification, the waters of the Bailang River Scenic Area have reached the domestic first-class inland water standards. Weifang Binhai Dragon Boat Sailing Base is the only large-scale dragon boat training and competition base in Jiangbei, China. It currently has 46 large and small dragon boats. In 2018 and 2019, it hosted two consecutive "Chinese Dragon Boat Competitions". Large domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities and social groups carry out outreach training activities. The "JAL Sailing Sailing" is easy to operate, easy to learn, and the cockpit is comfortable, bringing you a relaxed and comfortable sailing experience. Kayaking is a water sport that stimulates speed and endurance. It is easy to operate, safe and exciting. Equipped with national-level professional coaches on-site guidance and teaching.
Since its opening on May 16, 2018, Weifang Binhai Bailanghe Scenic Spot has given back to every tourist with high-quality service, and has been generally recognized by all sectors of society, with tourist satisfaction reaching over 99%. Bailanghe Scenic Spot is based on the world's tallest shaftless Ferris wheel, and is committed to creating a comprehensive scenic spot integrating amusement, catering, shopping and leisure with the entertainment projects under the bridge and water leisure sports projects. It has now become Weifang City. New landmarks and city cards.
2. Wenchang Lake Zhumeng Square Scenic Spot
Weifang Binhai Wenchang Lake "Building Dream Plaza" consists of eight two-story hydrophilic buildings, covering a total area of ​​256 acres and a construction area of ​​26,000 square meters. It is zone B, which is a collection of fantasy water parks, water trapeze performances, sailing motorboat clubs, boutique business rooms, catering and food, movie city, new concept bookstore, mass-selling KTV, supermarket, fitness club, 9DVR virtual reality experience hall, leisure A comprehensive tourist attraction consisting of fishing, Kechuang Lianghua Bridge, etc.
Lakeside BBQ project. With the theme of "music feast, barbecue along the lake, trapeze on the water, light up the night economy of the seaside", while enjoying the food and music feast, you can enjoy the difficult performance of trapeze on the water and the beautiful scenery of Wenchang Lake at night.
Fantasy water park. It is a water park entertainment project integrating swimming, entertainment and leisure, water play, physical exercise, parent-child paradise and competition. The gameplay is rich, divided into two experience areas: adult area and children's area, with a total area of ​​3,000 square meters, and more than 60 kinds of various levels and play facilities are set up.
Weifang Wenchang Lake Sailing Motorboat Club. It is the first sailing and motorboat club in Weifang. The club has sailing boats, motor boats, yachts, fishing boats, canoes, rubber boats, water bicycles, motor boats, water trapeze performances and other water sports, professional training in sailing operations and motor boat driving, and issuing professional certificates.
Kechuang Lianghua Bridge. The bridge body is 260 meters long and 24 meters wide. It makes full use of the performance characteristics of artificial light, such as uplifting, looming, virtual and real, and dynamic and static, to fully illuminate and describe the texture of the bridge. The environment of the square area is integrated into one, forming a scenic spot with beautiful lake, romantic and pleasant, and bright lights at night. 
Parkway City, Floor A1. The building area is 3200 square meters. It integrates supermarkets, high-end gyms, yoga studios, Internet cafes, and 9DVR virtual reality experience halls.
Happy Sea Food Generation on the A2 floor. The building area is 4300 square meters. Happy Sea Food is a gathering place for high-quality specialty snacks in Weifang Binhai District, including Weixian Chaotian Pot, Gaomi Furnace, Special Fried Rice, Hong Kong-style Fast Food and other famous snacks. And provide food heating, mobile phone charging, emergency medicine box, emergency needle and thread, umbrella rental, food delivery, etc.
The A3 and A4 floors are Happy Sea Boutique Business Hotel. With a total construction area of ​​5,300 square meters, it is the only lake-view business hotel in Weifang. There are 93 rooms in total. There are a variety of room types such as lake view business queen room, lake view courtyard queen room, lake view deluxe suite, lake view family room and so on. Among them, there is a lake view courtyard king-bed room, each room has a courtyard, a courtyard and a lake view, and the large terrace can be used for dining, viewing, and watching the moon. The cafeteria is elegantly decorated and fully equipped, which can accommodate 70 people at the same time.
B1 is the Happy Sea Food Square. The building area is 2400 square meters. There are 268 seats, of which there are 90 seats in the zero-point restaurant, 13 large and small private rooms, and the largest private room can accommodate 16 people. Gourmet Square is a chain branch of Dumpling Restaurant of Happy Sea Catering Company. It always adheres to the principles of green, natural, pollution-free, nutrition, health and organic unity. Highlight the local seafood raw materials, happy sea organic vegetables, and feature local flavor dishes, Weifang fine dishes, and seafood dumplings.
B2 is a blue fantasy mass-selling KTV. The total construction area is 3,800 square meters, and there are 15 private rooms. The largest private room is 90 square meters. It is equipped with cheap supermarkets, self-service singing and other equipment. The KTV is beautifully decorated and has the best hardware facilities in Weifang. The first choice for friends gathering and company party.
B3 is a blue fantasy new concept bookstore. The Blue Imagination New Concept Book City has two floors with a construction area of ​​2,700 square meters. Mainly engaged in all kinds of books, cultural and creative products and special tourism products. The bookstore has more than 18,000 kinds of books and more than 60,000 volumes. It is the largest physical bookstore in Weifang Binhai District.
B4 is the blue fantasy movie city. The total construction area is 3000 square meters. The cinema has a total of 5 luxury cinema halls, including 1 cinema hall with 111 seats, 2 cinema halls with 49 seats, and 2 cinema halls with 32 seats, with a total of 273 seats.
3. Bailang Star Scenic Spot
Bailangzhixing Scenic Spot, also known as Beihai Oasis Pastoral Complex, is located in the south of Binhai Economic Development Zone, Weifang City. , is the south gate entrance of Binhai New Area, spatially located at the southern port of the Bailanghe cultural tourism industry belt of Binhai New Area, and culturally is the boundary point of the preservation and precipitation of Binhai's humanistic history.
The project covers an area of ​​more than 42 acres. Based on rural revitalization, inheritance of Haiyan culture, promotion of rural development, construction of agricultural industry system and leisure tourism agricultural system, the project will be dominated by "cultural experience tours, agricultural tourism tours, agricultural leisure tours, and ecological vacation tours". , a new comprehensive industrial model integrating sightseeing, leisure vacation and cultural experience.
The current phase one construction projects include:
1. The Phantasy Star Campground covers an area of ​​about 16 acres. There are 25 Phantasy Star yurts in total. There are accommodation, food, hygiene, leisure, entertainment and various facilities for daily needs. Visitors can choose their favorite ones. A quiet or noisy way of life to experience life, relax, and enhance feelings, you can get close to nature, experience the outdoors, and enjoy the fun of nature.
2. The container-themed hotel covers an area of ​​about 25 acres, with containers as the theme, to reflect the hotel's architectural style, decorative arts, and a specific cultural atmosphere, allowing tourists to gain a personalized cultural experience, and a spa with health care functions. Allow customers to obtain pure physical and mental relaxation.
The second expected development projects include: agricultural planting areas, agricultural picking areas, rural theme playgrounds, outdoor expansion bases, small water entertainment projects, etc.
Weifang Binhai District Bailanghe Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. is committed to building the Bailanglanghe Cultural Tourism Industry Belt in Binhai New Area, with tourism industry elements "eating, living, traveling, traveling, shopping, entertainment, business, raising, learning, leisure, love, As a guide, fill and enrich the tourism industry, build a complete tourism industry system, and meet the needs of tourists. Create a comprehensive tourism product system integrating sightseeing, leisure vacation and cultural experience with "cultural experience tours, agricultural sightseeing tours, agricultural leisure tours, and ecological holiday tours" as the leading brands.



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