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The sparkling, kite-flying Laizhou Bay of the Bohai Sea is a fertile, charming and vibrant bay. Weifang Binhai Tourism Group stands by the bay, with coastlines, piers, surfboards, yachts, kites, and Ferris wheels. Here are trendy elements and a happy coast. Passionate collision, perfect fusion.
"Development toward the sea" is the strategic direction of Weifang. As the vanguard of "development toward the sea", Weifang Binhai Tourism Group emerged in 2013 under the tide of "breaking through the sea". In the fields of science and technology, construction and development, modern finance and other industries, it has more than 1,700 employees, a credit rating of AA, and an integrated operator of the cultural and tourism industry with assets of 100 billion.
1. Deepen the cultivation of cultural tourism and strengthen the main business
Based on the marine resources in the northern part of Weifang, Binhai Tourism Group has built a 4A-level scenic spot of Happy Sea Beach, which is listed as the "Wonderland Coast Tourism Destination" in Shandong Province through high-standard planning and high-level development. "Eye" shaftless Ferris wheel, the largest kite flying field in Asia, the modern Joy Sea yacht marina, the gleaming Wenchang Lake Zhumeng Square, the unique urban art center... each and every dazzling tourist pearl attracts people every year. More than 5 million tourists came here, making this new well-known wellness resort city on the south bank of Bohai Bay shine.
The group owns a series of catering service brands such as Wyndham Grand Hot Spring Resort Hotel, Dubai International Hotel, Happy Sea Business Hotel, Ark Hotel, and Happy Sea Restaurant Chain. Among them, the Wyndham Grand Hot Spring Resort Hotel, located in the Happy Sea Scenic Area, covers an area of ​​393 acres, with a construction area of ​​86,000 square meters and 274 guest rooms. The city's only five-star international hotel close to the sea and water has become a new benchmark for tourism services in the Bohai Rim region.
The group is full of talents. 4 chief technicians in Shandong Province, 4 chief technicians in Weifang City, 10 technical experts in Weifang City, and 43 senior technicians serve the major hotels of the group, creating a shining high-end government and business reception brand.
2. Take the opportunity to take advantage of the competition
"Spring flies colorful kites and surfs in autumn, summer plays with sea water and winter soaks in springs." The group builds momentum with festivals, promotes tourism with momentum, promotes the integrated development of "tourism + festivals", and successfully hosted the Weifang International Kite Fair, the World Kite Surfing Championships, National Sailing Championships, China Dragon Boat Open, Miss Tourism of the World, International Equestrian Culture Festival, Strawberry Music Festival and other festivals and events, to create a full-chain festival brand of "eating, living, traveling, traveling, shopping, and entertainment".
After careful preparation, the kitesurfing event was upgraded to a world championship in 2016, realizing the "globalization of local brands". The group also cooperated with the State Sports General Administration and the China Sailing and Windsurfing Association to build a training base for the Chinese national kiteboard team and set up the Chinese national kiteboard team, which has repeatedly won gold and silver in major international events.
The group promotes the commercialization and entertainment of water events, and has developed sailing experience, dragon boat team building and other projects in Bailanghe Scenic Area, and developed "water trapeze", motorboats, kayaking and other projects in Wenchang Lake Zhumeng Square, which have become the most popular A sought-after fashion check-in place.
3. Multiple support for joint operations
Weifang Binhai District is a national economic and technological development zone, with a sea area of ​​510 square kilometers, a coastline of 69 kilometers, and more than 500 species of marine life. The marine science and technology sector of the group has 300,000 mu of confirmed sea area, as well as the largest aquatic product trading center and cold chain logistics distribution center in Jiangbei, integrating aquaculture and fishing, warehousing and logistics, spot and electronic trading, and international trade. Products include fish, shrimp, Crab, shellfish, sea salt and related products.
The Group's development and construction sector has participated in the construction of key projects in the region, and has successively completed more than 10 key projects with total assets of 7 billion yuan.
The Group's financial sector grasps the three major engines of capital, assets and credit, and uses the four major financial companies of commercial factoring, financial leasing, asset management and fund management to implement industry-city integration and industry-gold interaction to provide strong financial support for the high-quality development of Binhai. .
The five sectors of cultural tourism service, hotel and catering, development and construction, marine technology, and modern finance complement each other, support each other, and work together to form a modern cultural tourism industry system with rich formats, complete chains and sound functions, which will help the group to go global "Multi-arms corps joint operations" provides infinite possibilities.
The long wind is blowing even stronger, and it is time for Yunfan to help each other. Facing the future, Binhai Tourism Group is riding the east wind of Weifang's "Development to the Sea", through the ocean, pursuing the deep blue dream, actively connecting with advanced enterprises in the same industry at home and abroad, and building an all-round, multi-level and diversified pattern of open cooperation and striding forward. Towards a higher future!


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