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Free walkers are prevalent in the tourism market and how does a travel agency meet the demand?




"Free walker" is a hot tourism term absolutely in 2014. The major online travel agencies published their investigation reports one after another and suggested the rapidly increased outbound tourism free walkers. As indicated in "Outbound DIY Tour Industry Report 2014" published on the www.qyer.com, the average outbound tourist expense in 2014 is 1316 USD (about 8173 RMB) per person per time , slightly lower than 2013, and 37% of the total number of outbound tourists spent on average 5000-9999 RMB per person last year; the tourist income is mainly 5000-14999 RMB, and the female more like the outbound tourism. 
Wearing red hats, following a tour group, a noisy crowd of people coming out of a bus - over the years, the main trend image of Chinese tourists remains unchanged. However, now it seems that more and more Chineses get rid of the scheduled travel mode and come to the more free and diversified tourism mode.
A family of four go to Japan for cherry blossoms and a different travel is a cherished memory
Ms. Lv from Shanghai is a standard able woman who has a busy job. For 10 years after marriage, due to focusing on her job, she has taken little time to accompany her family. However, Ms. Lv wants to make some changes this year to celebrate the tenth anniversary of marriage with her husand and create more fine memories with her two lovely kids, and she decides that her whole family go to Japan for a long tourism. 
Different from the domestic tourism, the outbound tourism needs to apply for a visa and for example the Japan visa has to be applied for through a travel agency. "Although the travel agency has a travel line for cherry blossoms which is cheaper than DIY tour, I still choose to be free walkers." Ms. said. She dislikes the scheduled places, the fixed tour group travel lines and the scene where to see people, and therefore her friend introduces her to the travel adviser channel of Xinxin Travel (www.cncn.com) for a custom exclusive cherry blossoms travel line for her family.
"The Xinxin Travel adviser is very considerate, and cares about what I need during the preparation of travel line plan, customer demand-oriented for everything, and I am very satisfied with the final plan. Also, any troublesome problems such as the visas, airport pickup and to see off there can be resolved well. This travel is a treasured memory for all of us."
As reported, the Xinxin Travel advisers have had more than 16,000 professional travel agency employees registered nationwide, and have provided 434,984 tourists the custom travel experience in 139 countries, 430 cities. So long as you say your travel demand, an adviser can prepare an exclusive plan for you.
Travel agencies actively respond to the free walkers upsurge
 When free walkers heat up inceasingly and Chineses' travel psychology and consumption concept is maturing, each travel agency actively responds.
"How to better serve the outbound DIY tour customers that is what we are thinking about and actively respond recently." Mr. Wu said honestly who is the President of Hangzhou International Travel Agency. According to the Agency's reservations,in the last three years, the DIY tour products are increasing by more than 10% each year. this is due to that the application for visa is convenient and the network consultation is powerful, as well as that the basic tourist quality is elevated and the individual tourism demand is increased. In order to meet the market demand, the travel agencies nurture the tourism consultant type talents. "Since the Xinxin Travel's tourism customization channel is created, the DIY tour business for travel information is increased as much as doubled."
As said by Lai Runxing, CEO, Xinxin Travel, the travel advisers provide a bridge between travel agencies and tourists to help the agencies to meet the tourists' diversified demand, and make the adviser' service concept to permeate throughout the tourists' travel to ensure their travel quality and experience. More and more tourists enjoy the customization service through such an adviser which produces the reputation effect imperceptibly and also impresses tourists deeply.
The development of DIY tour is inevitable and only the travel agencies who take this chance can have their living space in the extensive tourism market.


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