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CNTA: Guide and Advice for Further Enhancing the Tourism Civilization throughout This Industry




CNTA has recently issued Guide and Advice for Further Enhancing the Tourism Civilization throughout This Industry, and proposes the specific requirements for further learning and implementing the spirit of important comments and instructions from President Xi Jinping, actively implementing Tourism Law and Advice for Further Enhancing the Tourism Civilization developed by Central Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee, deeply advancing the tourism civilization throughout this industry and further improving our citizens' tourism civilization quality.
It is emphasized in the Advice to further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of conscientious tourism civilization, to strengthen the understanding of importance of tourism civilization, to increase the urgency for implementing the tourism civilization, and to bring the tourism civilization throughout this industry to a new level. It is important to carry out the tourism civilization throughout the tourism conscientiously, to strengthen the organizational leadership earnestly, to make more efforts and organize stronger forces practically, to place the tourism civilization throughout this industry at a more important position, and to do the deep work and deal with the real points to reach a higher level and produce the actual effects.
As required in the Advice, each area shall further enhance the normalization and institutionalization of tourism civilization. They shall create the work mechanism of collaborative action fully, shall implement the responsibility of tourism department, shall actively communicate with the joint meeting member units such as foreign affairs, public security and transportation for any transversely joint action, shall share the propaganda resources, and shall jointly act in the respects of record and collection, responsibility investigation and punishment of uncivilized tourist behavior and others, to work together. They shall persist in managing according to law and guiding according to standard, shall actively drive the local agencies to bring their requirements for tourism civilization into a law or reglation, shall promote the institutionalization of tourism civilization, shall actively develop the local tourism civilization standards, and shall encorgage any tourism companies to prepare their tourist guide standards. They shall combine the industry service supervision and regulation into their work, shall strengthen the in-event and after-event supervision over the behavior of tourism market entities, shall administer and govern any illegal acts according to law, shall supervise and urge any travel agencies and other employers to enhance the training and management among their employees such as tour guides, and shall bring the tourism civilization into the industry service supervision.
As otherwise required in the Advice, each area shall further strengthen the propaganda and education training work of tourism civilization. They shall pay close attention to the education and training of tour guides which shall be given primary importance among priorities for the recent tourism civilization thoughout this industry, shall increase the positive propaganda efforts of tourism civilization, shall bring the education warning role of negative models into play, shall further concentrate on the propaganda and guide of key people goups, areas, steps and periods, and shall further enhance the self discipline, supervision and inspection throught this industry to drive the self discipline of tourism organizations into play, and to strengthen the supervision and inspection of tourism civilization.


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