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Shandong Museum exhibits more than 320 pieces of Liao Dynasty cultural relics for 3 months




The Sun Khitan - Liao Dynasty Civilization Exhibition opening is held in the Shandong Museum on May 8th and the exhibition is hosted jointly by Shandong Museum and Inner Mongolia Museum. The opening live performance programs include the Mongolian Bowl Dance, the Morin Huur playing and Khoomei show, the Mongolian song and dance show of Anser Cygnoides, the Mongolian etiquette and custom exhibition and other wonderful ones from Inner Mongolia Museum.
  According to introduction, this is the first time that the fine Liao Dynasty cultural relics are exhibited concentratively in Shandong, and the exhibition fully and specifically indicates the greatness of Liao Dynasty civilization from the political, military, economic, cultural, religious and other perspectives, exhibiting a lot of valuable cultural relics of ancient Liao Dynasty such as harnesses, trappings, gold and silver wares and chinawares, more than 110 sets, over 320 pieces totally, of which there are 59 pieces(sets) of first class culture relics, including the Liao Dynasty Chen princess tomb listed in the 21st century Chinese major archaeological discoveries and others.
This exhibition lasts for 3 months till August 2nd.


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