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Diverse development of the City of Kites and flying of happy Weifang




Weifang in Shandong is the City of Kites where the kite culture has a long history. Based on the traditional folk culture, in 1984, the Weifang International Kite Festival arised at the historic moment in the reform and open flood tide, and after 30 years' careful management and successful operation, it already becomes one of a very few international comprehensive major festivals in China which have the ealiest history and the longest holding time, the best economic and social benefits and obtain the most great honor. With the booming devepment of International Kite Festival, this old city Weifang finds its accurate position in the modernization development, renews its radiant splendor and vigorous vitality, and rises rapidly with its wings.
Happy is essential and let joy fly
The date of 30th Weifang International Kite Festival opening is April 20 (Saturday), and one of the main features of this kite festival is: to give prominence to the key points, practical and thrifty. Based on the kites, it outstandingly promotes and introduces the city brand, highlights tourism and attracting business, and strives to reflect its purpose. Compared with last year, the thematic activities are reduced by 6 items and meanwhile the kite festival opening is tranformed innovatively from the evening party in former years to the day activity going with the kites, to concentratively show and perform the wonderful local culture, striving for brief and thrifty, which is operated on a basis of marketization.
The opening will create a artistic conception where kites fly in the sky and people sing on the ground, to carry forward the kite culture, to promote and introduce the city brand, and to attract the extensive participation of Chinese and foreign tourists as well as the general public to feel the joy flying happy Weifang.
Based on the kites flying come to diverse development
Since the first International Kite Festival has been held successfully, the relative departements in Weifang pays attention to sum up experience and gradually determine the festival purpose, method and postion, and proposes the "based on kites, supported by culture, economy and trade plays" festival purpose to drive the development of various industries such as economy, tourism and society in Weifang. With the booming devepment of International Kite Festival, Weifang achieves the fast economic take-off.
Compared with the former kite festivals, besides any partial activities with features and brand value remaining, this festival has any partial activities with luminous points and actual effects increased such as the "Long Travel with Weifang Kite" activity, and implements the "go out" strategy, based on the Weifang kite tour caravan, with the theme of kite, local culture arts and scenic spots, to proceed the cultural exchange, tourism and city promotion in the domestic key cities, Hongkong, Taiwan, surrounding countries, South Korea and other areas. The Kite Product Fair increases the activities of judging and awarding the international kite craft masters, auction of fine kites etc., to further enhance the brand value and competitive power of Weifang kite products. The first Weifang Craft Art Festival will be advertized fully and exhibit the craft art treasures with the distinctive Weifang local features to facilitate the development of craft art industry.
Innovative devepment to facilitate the leaping development of culture industry
Since April 1st, 1989, approved by the Sate Council, the International Kite Federation is founded in Weifang and its headquarters is also located in the city. There are totally 16 countries and areas as the director members and currently 67 countries and areas as the common members. The construction of International Kite Federation indicates that the world kite industry has its leading core and meanwhile it plays an important role in the respects of International Kite Festival, promotion of kite cultural diffusion, popularization and improvement of kite sport, development of kite industry etc.
This International Kite Festival designs 4 parts and 16 items of theme activities totally. The kite part includes a series of activities, such as the 30th Weifang International Kite Festival opening, the ten thouand of people flying kites performance and the 9th World Kite Championship Contest, the National Sportkite Invitational Tournament, the Weifang Kite Contest, the 3rd China (Weifang) Luminous Kite Invitational Tournament, the 9th World Kite Championship Contest award ceremony, the 6th China (Weifang) Kite Product Fair and the first Weifang Craft Art Festival, the Long Travel with Weifang Kite activity and the launching ceremony of ten thousand citizens flying kites activity under the "Harmonious Homeland to welcome May Day" slogan.
The tourism part mainly includes the 8th Weifang Tourism Festival "Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand" series of activities, i.e., a hundred of press travel journalists, a thousand of Chinese and foreign travel agencies and ten thousand of tourists come to Weifang. The culture part mainly includes the 3rd Chinese Painting Festival and the 6th China (Weifang) Cultural and Art Products Exhibition and Trade Fair which is held in the Shandong Taiwan Exhibition Convention Centre during April 19th~22nd. They adhere to the "exhibit resources, promote and introduce projects, bring forth the new through the old, develop industries" purpose, focus on the "innovation, cooperation, prosperity and development" theme, inherit the "carry forward the advanced culture, exhibit the characteristic culture, improve citizens quality, facilitate the culture development" festival concept, to actively build the upmarket platform for culture construction communication and cooperation, concentratively show the latest products and resuts of domestic and foreign culture industry and facilitate the leaping development of Weifang culture industry.


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