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Professional Manager Union to Be Established by 30 Scenic Spots in Shandong Is under Heated Discussion




The first day at work after the Spring Festival holiday, all of a sudden, one piece of news "30 scenic sports in Shandong coordinate to establish a tourist destination" arises in Shandong tourism circle, just like one bomb. The news is transmitted by nearly one hundred of domestic and overseas media such as people.com.cn, china.com.cn, 163.com, sohu.com, hebei.com.cn, dzwww.com, iqilu.com, sdnews.com.cn, sdchina.com, langya.cn, lywww.com and toutiao.com, and the news about Shandong Tourism Professional Manager Union to be established is continuously fermented in Circle of Friends and network for several days and enthusiastically discussed.
Over 30 Shandong famous scenic spot marketing directors participating in the conference deem that besides perfect products conforming to market requirement, reserve of talents represents core competitiveness. Under the historical background of great development in Shandong tourism, the situation with good resources but no appropriate marketing talent is common. For the purpose of existing and going from strength to strength in the social competition which is more and more fierce, enterprise, product and technology shall possess respective characteristics as well as strain capacity of keeping a foothold in the market, while now scenic spots lack communication about idea and innovation. Shandong Kinship Yimeng Tourism Group in possession of Yishui Snow Mountain Rainbow Valley, Heavenly Valley· Natural Underground Gallery, Yimeng Mountain Revolutionary Base Area once faced such difficulty after reorganization. Shandong Tourism Professional Manager Union to be established is the original intention and good vision of general manager of Shandong Kinship Yimeng Tourism Group-MIAO Chuanxing which is aimed at to avoid and decrease labor pains suffered by scenic sport on account of such conflicts as well as provide a new mode and new thought for development and prosperity of scenic spot and Shandong tourism industry by virtue of alliance of all scenic sports.
Experts from China National Tourism Administration think that tourism industry belongs to complex of knowledge-intensive industries and enterprises and team spirit is very important to practitioners. Especially tourism professional managers who have to face tourists and serve tourists by communication, as well as coordinate the work between superior and subordinate by means of communication more need to reinforce the contact with related departments outside the enterprise by virtue of communication, as a result, they are required to have strong interpersonal communication ability. They are also required to possess good team awareness and innovative thinking, carry out rational thinking about various changes arising in the market and continuously improve their management decision-making ability, leadership, innovation ability and market development capability. Shandong Tourism Professional Manager Union will effectively solve the problem by platform construction, activity marketing, scenic spot linkage, innovation communication, etc., in order to realize the rapid transformation of tourist enterprises as well as improve market anti-risk capability and overall integration service ability of the platform.
According to introduction, after the establishment of Shandong Tourism Professional Manager Union, it will facilitate scenic sport managers to be scientific, cooperative and professional, become the circle of contacts for Shandong scenic spot professional managers to build communication and promotion platform as well as communicate and learn, improve scenic spot managers' quality, perfect professional knowledge structure and strengthen industry self-discipline.
As one of top ten cultural tourism destination brands in Shandong Province, Kinship Yimeng becomes the cultural tourism brand project mainly constructed by Shandong Tourist Administration after the first provincial tourism brand-"Hospitable Shandong" nationwide. The tourism brand takes Linyi City as the core, spreading to Zibo, Weifang and Rizhao. Relying on two advantages "Yimeng hot land" and "natural air anion bar", mainly construct two product systems-Yimeng red tourism and green Yimeng ecofallow. "Kinship" embodies the unique charm of Yimeng Culture and natural affinity of Yimeng landscape. Yimeng kinship nourishes "Yimeng spirit" eulogized throughout the country with selfless dedicated character and fearless entrepreneurial spirit.


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