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Release: Vision and Action for Promoting the Construciton of both the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Roa




The 49th ITB Berlin has been held during April 4th~8th when China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) fully presents the new image of China tourism to the world, especially including the beauty  of the Silk Road which is the important part and also a window through which the world views the China tourism.
National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Commerce jointly released Vision and Action for Promoting the Construciton of both the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road on March 28th. Many items of measure involve the development of tourism herein, including facilitating the infrastructure connectivity to significantly increase the tourism accessibility, strengthening the tourism cooperation, expanding the scale of tourism, mutually holding any activities such as the tourism promotion week and propaganda month, signing a cooperation memorandum with each country en route and improving the convenience to apply for a tourist visa of each country en route, to jointly build the international competitive tourism line, products and others characterized by the Silk Road. Before, CNTA has designated 2015 as the Silk Road Tourism Year, and the One Belt And One Road (OBAOR) strategy is considered as a new engine for the development of China tourism.
The beauty of the Silk Road is universally acknowledged. The Silk Road has the best toursim resources in the world, with 80% of world cultural heritages distributed en route, more than 60 countries and a population of 4.4 billion involved, and therefore it is considered as the most vigorous and potential golden tourism road in the world. As expected by CNTA, during the Thirteen-Five planning period, China will transport 150 million Chinese tourists to the OBAOR en-route countries who will consume 200 billion USD there and meanwhile 85 million tourists from the countries en route will come to China which shall stimulate the tourism consumption of about 110 billion USD. OBAOR will provide a new idea and path for driving the en-route countries' cooperative tourism development.
In domestic respect, as said by the CNTA person concerned, CNTA completed the first draft of Strategic Planning of Cooperative Tourism Ddevelopment of the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road in December 2014. It includes any contents such as the important action, and will be basically finalized after the completed 3rd round of discussion arranged among experts. However, just early after the OBAOR strategy proposed, the en-route areas have made the development outline of the Silk Road tourism, and the tourism carnival and promotion activities with the theme of the Silk Road inceases significantly. In international respect, the cooperative tourism communication mechanism between China and the other areas such as South East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Northeast Asia will be enriched in the terms of levels, channels etc., including the interconnection and interworking of transportation, information, service network etc.
It can be anticipated that under the calling of the "new Silk Road, new tourism, new experience" slogan, more tourists will go to the OBAOR en-route areas for toursim which will bring the toursim investment and experience upsurge there.


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