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May Day outbound tourism with different prices from a few thousand to ten thousand RMB




Although the May Day holiday is in three weeks, as usual, any applications for exit visa indicate a growing sign before the holiday, resulting in that the arrival time of visa inceases. In order to ensure any successful travel, all the travel agencies actively introduce their May Day outbound trourism products. Chen Zhichao, Deputy General Manager, Nanhu Travel, gives people who want to avoid the rush time a advice that they had better travel before or after May Day, or travel according to a "3+X" holiday combination plan. However, CGZL introduces a May Day holiday outbound tourism product which covers many optional regions such as Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand, Dubai, with different travel days from 5 to 10, with different prices from a few thousand to ten thousand RMB, compared with the same period last year, which remains unchanged basically.
Travel trend: the Holiday Combination Clan have a long holiday of 5~7 days 
When a holiday is coming, various holiday combination strategies will be poplular on the Internet. So is this May Day. Obtained from a May Day holiday combination strategy on the Internet by the journalist, this May Day is Friday, and the legal holidays are May 1st, 2nd and 3rd; according to the "3+X" holiday combination travel mode, i.e., only 2~4 days are needed to ask for leave or take compensatory leave, plus the weekend, which comes to a long holiday of 5~7 days. The May Day holiday is a traditional travel week, not like Tomb-sweeping Day which needs to arrange some time for tomb-sweeping, when a blowout in the number of citizens who travel is present, including the Holiday Combination Clan who plan to travel overseas, and recently the Holiday Combination Clan become an important force in the outbound tourism market.
In addition, for both groups of the people who have a flexible entertainment time and the retired people, a longer travel is possible. As CGZL's World Expo Travel - three Eropean countries France, Switzerland and Italy, 10 days started from April 26, the first group of World Expo travel, a price of 14,399 RMB, besides that you can go to many famous European cities such as Paris, Luzern, Rome, Florence, Milan during a single travel, the special part is that you will be arranged to go to the Milan World Expo Park 2015 on the first public open day after the World Expo opening May 2nd, to feel the latest trends and fashions in the current world, and to witness and enjoy various specially designed pavilions.
Travel prices: compared with the same period last year, it remains unchanged basically
Currently, the holiday outbound tourism and partial long-line domestic tourism products have been on the market, the present prices of Nanhu Travel are basically same as the ones in the last Aprial, and compared with the significant increment in the May Day holiday tourism price in former years, this holiday tourism price has a slight rise. The tourism prices of several hot lines are lower than the ones during the same period last year generally, and the increment in the holiday tourism price is also very limited. Furthermore, compared with the traditional Golden Week long holiday when it is a peak time for travel, the travel during the May Day holiday is more comfortable when the early summer just comes and it is the best travel time during one year.


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