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National Tourism Administration Guidance Opinion about Further Strengthening Civilized Traveling in the Tourism Industry




A few days ago, China National Tourism Administration issued Guidance Opinion about Further Strengthening Civilized Traveling in the Tourism Industry with specific requirements against further learning and implementing spirit of general secretary XI Jinping's vital instructions, actively implementing Tourism Law and Opinion about Further Strengthening Civilized Traveling from Central Spiritual Civilization Construction Steering Committee, further promoting civilized traveling in the tourism industry and further improving Chinese citizens' tourism culture quality expressed.
Based on the above Opinion, it's emphasized to further enhance sense of responsibility and sense of mission regarding conscientiously completing civilized traveling work, intensify the cognition of importance of civilized traveling work, enhance sense of urgency of implementing civilized traveling, propel civilized traveling in the tourism industry to a new level, practically carry out civilized traveling work in the whole process of tourism work, completely intensify organizational leadership, actually input more energy and faithfully organizes stronger force to make civilized traveling work in the tourism industry more important and deepen the implementation of traveling work to produce actual effect.
Depending on the above Opinion, it's required to further promote normalization and institutionalization of civilized traveling, establish and perfect working mechanism based on overall collaborative linkage, actively realize horizontal linkage with joint conference member units (including foreign affairs, public security and transportation), share publicity resources and cooperate to take actions against collecting the record about uncivilized tourism behavior, claiming responsibility, punishment, etc. to form work resultant force, insist on legal management and standard guidance, actively drive local government to include requirements pertaining to civilized traveling into laws and regulations in various regions, impel institutionalization of civilized traveling work, actively develop local standard regarding civilized traveling and encourage tourist enterprises to formulate civilization guidance enterprise standards, implement industry service supervision, strengthen supervision in the event process and after the event, legally govern violation behaviors, urge travel agency and other employers to reinforce training and management of employees such as tour guide and group leader and include civilized traveling into industry service supervision in various regions.
On the basis of the above Opinion, it's also required that various regions shall further strengthen civilized traveling publicity, education and training, take serious measures to education and training for tours guide and group leaders, take such work as priority among priorities of recent civilized traveling work in the tourism industry, strengthen positive dissemination of civilized traveling, exert education and warning effect of negative typicality, further do a good job in propaganda and guidance of focus groups, key area, key link and key time interval, further reinforce industry self-discipline as well as supervision and inspection, impulse tourism industry to organize and exert self-discipline effect and intensify inspection and supervision of civilized traveling work.


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