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The 11th Beihai Fishery and Salt Cultural Festival is Successfully Held




On February 27 (February 2 in lunar calendar), The 11th Beihai Fishery and Salt Cultural Festival is solemnly held at Beihai Fishery and Salt Cultural Folklore Museum. Tens of thousands of fishermen, salt producers as well as local residents from Weifang, Dongying and Yantai spontaneously gather here, pound on the gongs and drums, do the yangko dance, worship "Dragon King" and Salt God-Guan Zhong and hold such activities as dragon dance, lion dance, Peking Opera, Lü opera as well as song and dance to earnestly hope good weather for the crops, high yield of fishery and salt, universal peace and contented people living in a country at peace. It's reported that this year is the 11th year of Beihai Fishery and Salt Cultural Festival being successfully held with activity scale increasing year by year and participants increasing year by year, and "Dragon Heads-raising Day" and "Salt God Day on the Sixth Day of the First Lunar Month" held in our district every year are included into Weifang non-material culture heritage key conservation projects at the same time.
Early in the morning of the same day, after hurrying to Beihai Fishery and Salt Cultural Folklore Museum in Binhai District, journalists see that vehicles from all directions go all the way north and there are direction boards facilitating tourists to go to banquet along the way and numerous people's polices from Binhai Public Security Subbureau directing the traffic and maintaining on-site order for each section. In the Beihai Fishery and Salt Cultural Folklore Museum, deafening sound of gongs and drums, firecracker sound and yangko dance arise. After entering the museum, you will see Dragon King Temple firstly with Yongning Temple and Salt God Temple on both sides. Before the Dragon King Temple, various traditional tributes are placed on one long line of kitchen tables and people in an endless stream come to worship, as a result, boisterous scene arises and thick festive air surges, making general public deeply feel folklore culture with special charm as well as marine culture with Binhai characteristics.
Happy and festive percussion sound, Peking Opera with clear articulation and a mellow and full tune, ebullient dragon dances as well as rich and colorful folklore wind arise, constituting unique and wonder folklore banquet in Binhai District, which is an impressive visiting card of Binhai District. Worshiping "Dragon King" on the 2nd day of the February in the Chinese calendar is fishermen and salt producers' convention in Laizhou Bay, Bohai Sea. Fishermen and salt producer living on fishing, baysalt and cultivation come to Beihai Fishery and Salt Cultural Folklore Museum with "Dragon King" and Salt God-Guan Zhong to make obeisance and perform the rites of courtesy as well as pray to "Dragon King" and Salt God for high yield of fishery and salt, which has become one folklore culture scenery line with unique lasting appeal. The fishery and salt cultural festival combines rich historic culture accumulation and folklore cultural tourism in Binhai District, carrying forward traditional culture and enriching people's spiritual and cultural life.
Upon historical outline regarding development of salt industry in our district, picture scrolls concerning fishery and salt culture accumulation and transition leap to the eyes. Sea salt is the salt earliest developed and used by human beings which can trace back to 5000 years ago. Nowadays, Binhai is still the largest sea salt production sea nationwide, and quantity and scale of Weifang Fengtai Salt Industry Ruins Group discovered in our district are rare in China which is selected as "twelve new discoveries" of the 3th archaeological survey in Shandong Province as main body of "Yellow River Delta" salt industry ruins group. On the basis of historical record, since the First Emperor of Qin carried out east tour for sea sacrifice, coastal sea sacrifice activity in the north of Weifang has lasted for more than 2000 years, and the whole Binhai exudes an atmosphere of long history anew with one thousand years of fishery and salt culture manifests special charm again.
In recent years, fully relying on digging fishery and salt culture, marine culture, kite culture and other Binhai distinctive cultures, our district excavates historical accumulation, improves urban culture connotation and continuously hold international kitesurfing competition, Weifang international kite event, Weifang halfway Marathon and other large competitions and activities successfully, and it's predicted that more than 2.6 million tourists will be entertained this year. At the meanwhile, our district increases construction of tourism facilities, focuses on promoting construction of Beihai Hot-spring Resort Hotel, Joyful Sea International Yacht Dock, Beihai Fishing Village and other major projects, facilitates improvement of overall image of Binhai tourism, fosters and expands Binhai tourist culture industry, builds north coastal blue industry band, Binhai characteristic town band and Binhai scenery tour band as well as spares no effort to boost construction of marine economy new area.


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