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The cultural vein of the Beihai connects ancient and modern --the Beihai Essence, the first monograph for the marine culture of




There is a long and profound marine culture in Shandong Weifang, with the humanity of fishery and salt and special scenery of the Binhai New District. The first publishing ceremony of Beihai Essence, the first monograph for the marine culture of Weifang and wrote by MAO Jinpeng, is held in Beijing on December 9. This book describes the marine culture from different aspects and shows grand and beautiful scenery of marine culture of Weifang in a panorama.
There are saying in the Book of Changes that: "Observe the astronomy to find changes of season; research the humanities to teach the world". The marine culture in Weifang has a long history. The rich and colorful marine culture is like exquisite love songs to become a precious cultural heritage, and it is also the spiritual ballast of the residents of the Binhai New District.
Date back and explore the ancient culture, the history is so partial to Weifang. In the early 5000 years, the ancient lakes, such as Biehua Lake, Heizhong Lake and Qingshui Lake are pregnant with the marine culture of Weifang. Subsequently, the Sushashi tribe boiled the sea to produce salts, which makes Weifang become the opening place of the world sea salt culture. In the Shang and Zhou dynasties, Weifang Binhai region began salt production with a large-scale, which directly drives the development of the maritime industry, and then which promoted the form of the "Eastern Maritime Silk Road". Finally, the marine culture of the Chinese nation with a long history began. The status of the important city of fishery and salt has never changed for a thousand years, and regional culture also shows different characteristics. Weifang marine culture develops from the deepen of the history from the boiling salt of Sushashi to the Guan Zhong assisting the State of Qi to become a governor, from the Maritime Silk Road to the Bohai Hallway, dyke strengthening site in Yuan dynasty to the salt of Yangkou village and the alkali of Weifang settling in the Beidawa, from the Shouwei county suffering from the fire and war to the today marine economic new district. It develops towards the glorious future through competitive times and goes forward to the future to become a witness of the development of history and time.
Weifang was called Beihai Province, Beihai state and Beihai county in a long historical period since the Han Dynasty. It has left deep memory of sea in the history of Weifang to stimulate the generations of the people of Weifang to fishing and harvesting to build a beautiful future. The unique features of a local environment always give special characteristics to its inhabitants, and the different inhabitants create a special culture with their features, finally, the culture of a local environment gives a direction to its civilization. The rise of a culture is closely related and mutually dependent with the development of the economy. A culture vein is closely connected with a coastline. In recent years, the marine culture, regarding the fishery and salt culture, MAZU relief, coastal humanity, marine literature and feeling of harbor as the main contents, is increasingly prosperous in Weifang. Sea sacrifice festival of the Beihai sea sacrifice festival, Beihai Fishery and Salt Cultural Festival, the sea sacrifice festival for opening of fishery in Yangkou village, memory of MAZU's birthday, contest of kitesurfing and other cultural activities, they enrich the connotation of marine culture of Weifang and promote the integrated development of economic society.
The charming of culture is endless. The excellent culture should be inherited forever. In the past, there were mistake understands of coastal regions in Weifang, and they compared these regions to the "Wasteland of culture" and "Barren Land" In the fact, it is a misunderstanding of the humanities and land of an environment. As one main content of "Weifang Culture", the marine culture is concrete and rich, in which it concentrates the characteristics, spirit and the true, the good and the beautiful of Weifang, which is the Mark of the recognition of each other between ancient and modern inhabitants and the link of communication of emotion. Up to now, it is necessary to sign this book to be preserved as a basis for verification of the profound cultural scene to show its excellent parts and its true essence to the peoples, so that they will be sentimentally attached to this land and stronger love, and they will respect this land from their soul.
The sea tides roll over and cleanse the past. Songs fly over waves to spread hope. The panorama of the Beihai Essence presents the magnificent and beautiful and profound of the marine culture of Weifang. The marine culture of Weifang is just like beautiful scenery to bring more splendidness to peoples.


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