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Central authority released 32.22 million yuan RMB to support 8 science and technology museums in Shandong to open free




Recently, Shandong province receives 32.22 million yuan RMB released by the central authority as the pilot funding of 2016 science and technology museums open free. Based on supporting the 6 science and technology museums including Shandong Science and Technology Promotion Center, Dongying Science and Technology Museum, Weifang Science and Technology Museum, Jining Science and Technology Museum, Linyi Science and Technology Museum and Weihai Science and Technology Museum open free last year, this year, two organizations are added into the open free support list: Tai'an Science and Technology Museum and Caoxian Science and Technology Museum.    
The received funding is 12.88 million yuan RMB more than last year, increasing 66.6%. It is mainly used for compensation for the ticket sales reduction of museums in the list, increased operation guarantee, exhibits updating etc.    
It is known that, in order to improve people's scientific literacy and enrich people's spiritual and cultural life, since 2015, some city and county science and technology museums in Shandong province as pilot sites are selected to open free, and the free open contents mainly include: public science popularization exhibition and education programs such as daily exhibitions, basic science popularization service programs such as science popularization lectures, science and technology education activities etc.


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