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VR makes tourism more wonderful




This year is the first year that VR (virtual reality technology) breaks out. Numerous VR products comes to the real world from concept.    
People know a hot word  "VR + tourism" which may change the future tourism industry.    
"Virtual reality is a new multi-disciplinary and multi-directional cross technology which uses the computer science as its core. It can provide any vertual environment and use it to construct a real experience." Professor Zhou Mingquan says, Director of Virtual Reality and Visualization Technology Research Institute, Beijing Normal University. "VR + tourism" refers to virtual tourism, which relies on the virtual reality technology to construct a virtual environment to allow people to view everything without travel outsides. This environment looks real with vivid details. Zhou Mingquan considers, as the immersive experience VR provides is just in line with the needs of tourism experience, the combination of VR and tourism is natural.    
Dai Xuefeng Deputy director of CASS Tourism Research Center considers, the largest change VR tourism brings tourism industry is "it allows people to have an experience in their destinations like they has been there and brings people brand new feelings." The combination of VR and real scenery allows people to tell no real world from virtual world, which increases the value of real scenery.    
Currently, "VR + tourism" is mainly used for the promotion of tourism products, for example through a Italy VR travel video, you can experience the charm of Venice Water town in advance at home, or experience the Gothic style in the St. Mark's Church. As early as January this year, at the 36th Spain International Tourism Fair held in Madrid, the 360 degree panoramic virtual glasses introduced from the China booth allow foreign visitors to experience Chinese beautiful scenery and landscape.    
Zhou Mingquan says, it provides a new way of promotion for tourism enterprises, and a new way of travel for toursits. The pre-experience provides the most interesting infomation for tourists. The VR technology greatly saves the cost that people make decisions. Further, VR tourism may allow some vulnerable people's dreams to come true, such as the disabled, the old and the special group who can't have a long-distance travel.    
However, as for the current VR tourism promotion, there are many problems such as high technology cost, high experience price, and insufficient combination of VR technology and real scenery. It remains to be seen when the VR technology can actually apply to users' daily travel experience.    
"VR + tourism" expands the forms of tourism and the future technology can bring more unexpected changes in tourism. Dai Xuefeng states, "it is difficult to forsee the future virtual technology. It says what is virtualized is not reality, it is tourist, virtualized human thinking, i.e. digitization of people. You can send the digitized people to any virtual scenery through the Internet. This concept sounds like sci-fi, but no one knows whether it can be realized. Overall, the virtual reality itself results from the imagination which the virtual reality depends on. Einstein said, 'imagination is more important and knowledge.'"


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