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2016 "bring honor to China" civilized tourism charity action launches in Beijing




In the morning of April 15, The launching ceremony of "green tourism" theme activity of 2016 "bring honor to China" civilized tourism charity action hosted by both Beijing Tourism Commission and Capital Civilization Office was held in the Summer Palace in Beijing. Leader representatives from China National Tourism Administration, Beijing government, Capital Civilization Office, Beijing Tourism Commission and the other related departments in Beijing attended the activity, who called vast tour participants to "be civilized tourists and bring honor to China".    
During the launching ceremony, the leaders awarded 10 "civilized tourism charity ambassadors", including singer Liu Hegang, "Chinese good guide" Mi Shuling, famous actor Xu Tieren and sports commentator Wei Yidong, with their appointment letters. The representatives of both Chinese good guides and charity ambassadors read the declaration on civilized tourism. All the representatives of Chinese tourism volunteers, Beijing volunteers and tourists received their "bring honor to China" civilized tourism task card and called that the civilized tourism shall be started from oneself and everybody shall contribute to the civilized tourism.    
This launching ceremony is held simultaneously at the tourist attractions and raleted public places in 10 cities, where, the Summer Palace is the main venue, and the parallel venues includes the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City, Jingshan, Beihai, Prince Gong's Mansion, university, tourism volunteer station and community. At 10:00 a.m., one thousand tourists at the 10 venues held their task cards high at the same time, with their thumbs up, speaking the civilized slogan:"be civilized tourists and bring honor to China!", "civilized tourism, green travel".    
According to an official of National Tourism Administration Supervision Department, the "bring honor to China" civilized tourism charity action is designed to guide vast tourists to take the civilized tourism as their values and daily behavior codes, to allow them to really understand and agree the civilized tourism and practice it. For the activity, the following four themes are planned individually in the four seasons: civilized comity, green travel, clean environment and civilized dining. Further, different special activities are carried out depending on the features and real conditons of each district and tourism enterprises.


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