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Chen Sanshun: the 1st World Tourism Development Conference provides a good chance to know China for each country




The 1st World Tourism Development Conference will be held in Beijing in May. Its theme is "tourism promotes peace and development". According to Chen Sanshun, president of Malaysian Chinese tourism industry association, the 1st World Tourism Development Conference is a premier event in the world tourism development field, and for China, it is a significant and authoritative tourism development milestone; as ones working on this industry, we are truly proud of it, meanwhile, we embrace more expectations.      
Recently, China has become the world top one outbound tourism consumption country, the world 4th largest inbound tourism reception country and the world largest inbound tourism market. The 1st World Tourism Development Conference not only draws the attention of global community, but also favors the tourism market development of each country in the world.      
The 1st World Tourism Development Conference is a brand new platform boosting the development and communication of world tourism. Besides the tourism maket of Asian countries, the European and American countries will also benefit from it.      
Recently, China tourism industry has made great achievements in the development, with growing international influence. Chen Sanshun says, in this situation, it is a good chance to hold the World Tourism Development Conference, which indicates the international cooperation of tourism practitioners from each country.      
Chinese tourists mean a market which every cournty is fight for. Whether from the view of number of people or spending power, China has become the most important tourist output country in the world. Chinese tourists are among the groups who spend more during tourism, and even have become the mainstay of tourism industry in many countries.      
In 2015, China is the largest international tourism source country as last year, exceeding 120 million person-time for the first time, with the tourism spending up to $ 104.5 billion; both outbound person-time and consumption are listed first in the world, which stimulates the economic growth of tourist destination countries worldwide. In the past 2016 Spring Festival "golden week", Chinese tourist Spring Festival outbound tourism achieves another record and indicates a surprising purchasing power.      
All along, China is one of hot travel lines in Malaysia, but most tourists are over 40 years old. It is more difficult for the traditional tourism projects to attract young tourists who like fashinable elements. Their preferential travel destinations are Japan, South Korea, Hongkong etc. Therefore, Chen Sanshun suggests that China may carry out a more diversified development of modern tourism projects, including food, shopping, cultural and creative industries and other tourism themes which attract young people to allow them to have different tourism experience.      
As an ancient counrty with thousands of years of civilization history, many foreign tourists still consider that China tourism means just viewing those historical sites and landscapes. The 1st World Tourism Development Conference is held in China, no doubt which is a good chance to know China for people around the world. Chen Sanshun suggests that China Tourism Administration may add new projects in the tourism industry to allow young people to deepen their understanding of Chinese popular culture, rather than only stare at those eary attractions.      
As the current number of Chinese outbound tourists is so large, it is believed that Chinese tourism practitioners need to find the credible business partners to jointly develop new tourism markets. Chen Sanshun says, I hope Malaysia has more chances to cooperate with Chinese enterprises in the future to stimulate its tourism market.      
As the development of second and third tier cities in China, Malaysian and Chinese tourism companies cooperate with each other closely, and by the way of regular charter flight, more direct flights of second and third tier cities in China are developed jointly to facilitate Chinese tourists to travel to Malaysia.      
These second and third tier cities include Xi'an, Wuhan, Chengdu etc., and the local travel agents use the way of charter flight to allow their tourists to fly to Penang, Kota Kinabalu or Sabah or other Malaysian cities directly, to enjoy the wanderful natural and island tour there. The travel agents in Malaysia can also cooperate with Chinese ones to use the flights to fly to the second and third tier cities in China directly, to develop the market jointly and create a win-win situation.      
Chen Sanshun says, he is very glad that the 1st World Tourism Development Conference is held in China, and he hopes the One Belt and One Road development policies in progress in China may directly bring more Chinese tourists to Malaysia and other ASEAN countries, to stimulate the development within the region in terms of economy, tourism, education, culture, medical tourism and others.


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