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In order to allow more people to travel in Weifang more conveniently with less money, Weifang Zhoutian International Travel Service Co., Ltd. successfully obtains the power of attorney of Weifang smart travel card through unremitting efforts, and becomes the only travel card agency certified by Weifang Tourism Administration in Binhai district.
As the only state-owned travel agency in Binhai district, taking "for reality, innovation, knowledge and pleasure" as a direction, under the pricinple of "as sincere and perfect as possible", focusing on tourists, orienting market, Weifang Zhoutian International Travel Service Co., Ltd. enriches Binhai tourism products, enchances Binhai tourism quality and improves reception service quality. The company has experienced god guides and coordinators. It plans many travel lines such as Binhai Joy Sea one-day travel and two-day travel. The company also opens over 100 long and short travel lines nationwide. With good reputation and high quality service, it has won praise from vast tourists. While doing daily tourism work well, the company makes every efforts to expand the "tavel card" business. It uses many platforms including newspayper, TV and WeChat for promotion and receives good feedback.
The Weifang smart travel card is easy to register, which only requires the following infomation: name, ID number, mobile phone number and electronic ID photo, immediate delivery available. The travel card cost is only 120 yuan RMB per person per one, renewal fee 99 yuan RMB/year, valid within one year since register. The partners include over 50 well-knowen scenic spots, such as Weifang Jinbao Amusement Park, Weifang New Century Orient Park, Weifang Fuyan Mountain Park, Hanting Yangjiabu Folk Customs Grand Garden, Fangzi Coal Mine Museum, Shouguang Woodlands Ecological Exposition Garden, Shouguang International Vegetable Science and Technology Expo, Changyi Green Expo, Anqiu Qingyun Mountain, Anqiu Qingyun Lake, Anqiu Qilu Wineland, Anqiu Wulong Mountain, Anqiu Chengding Mountain, Anqiu Jingzhi Wine City, Linqu Yishan, Linqu Laolongwan, Linchu Shanwang National Geopark, Linqu Shimenfang, Zhucheng Grand Shunyuan, Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum, Zhucheng Ma'er Mountain, Qingzhou Tianyuan Valley, Qingzhou Huanghua Stream, Qingzhou Yunmen Mountain, Qingzhou Tuoshan, Qingzhou Ouyuan, Qingzhou Royal Amusement Park, Qingzhou Mysterious Cottage, Qingzhou Fangongting, Shihu Garden.
Register address: Weifang Zhoutian International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Yangzi street, face to Weifang Bank, Binhai Economic-technological Development Area, Weifang
Travel telephone: 2099206/2098208/2099209


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