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Congratulations for Joy Sea Furah Beef Restaurant entering West City, Binhai




At 11:18 in the morning of May 24th, the Joy Sea Furah Beef Restaurant opening begins with salvo in the hot season which attracts many passers-by to stop and come to the restaurant.
Joy Sea Furah Beef Restaurant is located at the mid Xiyuan Road East, Dajiawa (Haihua), only 10 minutes' drive away from West City Public Service Center, Quanfuyuan and Haihua Square. The first floor in the restaurant is equipped with 12 dining tables and the second floor includes 5 room each can seat 6 - 12 guests. The restaurant can accommodate 110 persons for dining simultaneously.
Joy Sea Furah Beef Restaurant pays attention to food safety and sanitation and its used food materials are carefully chosen and purchased by the Group. The chafing dish is specialized in the pure Qinchuan beef which allows the beef to be cooked quickly in the hot pot, retaining the maximum beef effects of enriching the blood, caring the meridians, nourishing the spleen and stomach as well as strengthening the muscles and bones, supplemented by rich seafood and various picked cold dishes to meet guests' different needs; moreover, all the vegetables used by the restaurant come from Joy Sea Organic Vegetable Base directly which are green, ecological, nutritional and hygienic; the Joy Sea chafing dish uses the natural raw materials and the delicious secret-made dips; the soup base combines the Hongkong style formula and the Shandong taste, refreshing and mild, non-greasy, non-spicy, allowing you to enjoy the mellow and delicate Binhai food fully from the hot pot.
During the opening period, Joy Sea Furah Beef Restaurant introduces many preferential activities such as the free dips, soup base, tea water and fruit for any guests, 1 disk of beef gift for any guests, Yanjing beer two for one, cash coupon provided for any guests whose consumption amount is above 100 RMB.
In the opening day, the restaurant is full of guests for lunch and it obtains the consistent high praise from guests with considerate service, imported beef, secret-made dips, used vegetables from the self-operated organic vegetable base and elegant and comfortable environment.
Reservation telephone: 0536-3025668
Address: Mid Xiyuan Road East, Dajiawa (Haihua)


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