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"Interesting throwing balls" staff activity organized by the Group




In the recent hit TV show "True Man", the "5x10 Shuttle Run" program used for the military physical fitness test brings the honored guests into a flurry in the show, which results in that people couldn't help laughing. The 5x10 shuttle run is so hard, and what about plus the throwing balls relay?
In the afternoon of 21st, with the fragrant and warm wind of early summer, the "interesting throwing balls" activity organized by the Group Union Organization is held successfully in the Marine Transport College basketball court. This game is operated in the mode of team collaboration and people take part in the unit of team, 6 members each team. The game includes two parts: preliminary and final. There are three teams in game simultaneously each time. After the preliminary part, the top 6 teams will enter the final part and then the top 3 teams in that part will win a prize finally. This game's rules are: one of each team is specified to carry a ball 5 metres away from the basket and the other members are placed in order, who throw the ball towards the basket in turn; after throwing the ball, the ball is quickly fetched and transferred to another memeber; the team that gets the highest goals wins.
There are 13 teams to take part in this activity totally. In the first round, the Catering Company team 1 takes the lead, throwing, fetching and transferring the ball in order, which attracts most people and wins a lot of cheers. When the opponent gets higher and higer goals, the Dubai Hotel team 4 wants to catch up but has frequent mistakes resulting in many sighs at the scene. The Beach Management Company team 2, Dubai Hotel team 2 and 6 stand out in the preliminary part and obtain the chance to enter the final part with the good team collaboration and excellent personal quality. In the final part, the three teams match each other in strength and the competition scene is very intense, with interweaved waves of cheer.
This activity is finished successfully at 4:00 PM in the afternoon. Through this team collaboration game, the colleagueship between the staff is improved and the team cohesion and centripetal force is strengthened to allow the communication to be more smooth and provide significant help for various sorts of work in the future.


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