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Fire safety training of the safety production training series




According to the annual safety production training plan, in the morning of May 29th, the  Audit Supervision and Legal Affairs Department of the Group invites Weifang Social Safety and Fire Prevention Center to give the staff at the Group headquarters a training in the fire knowledge to further strengthen their safety consciousness and ability to handle any emergency before high season.
The training initially explains that a person in a high-rise building where a fire occurs should run out of the building along the fire passage while stooping down and covering his or her mouth and nose with a wet towel, and the right measures taken when a fire suddenly occurs for example how to use a fire blanket to deal with a fired kitchen, dining room or pan; and explains the physical principle of common phenomena when a fire occurs, such as that you should extinguish fire and then shut off the valve when a natural gas stove catchs fire, in the method of example + scientific analysis, to improve our ability to deal with any fire in the daily work and life.
The training mainly explains and instructs the usage method and scope of application of dry powder, carbon dioxide and foam fire extinguisher to allow the trainees to know how to use a fire extinguisher and the scope of application of different fire extinguishers better.
This training is very practical and easy to understand as recognised consistently by everyone. Also, Dubai Hotel, Catering Company and Beach Management Company organize the fire training and will carry out a fire drill in the near future to further strengthen the staff's safety consciousness and improve their ability to handle any emergency.   
Dry powder fire extinguisher: it is suitable for extinguishing the petroleum products, paint and organic solvent fire, and also the liquid, gas and electrical fire (the dry powder has a electric insulation property above 50,000 V). However, it can extinguish the solid fire in few cases. The fire extinguisher cannot extinguish the burning light metal fire.
Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher: it extinguishes a fire by the carbon dioxide stored in a high-pressure gas cylinder as an extinguishant, with nothing remained after extinguishing, suitable for extinguish the valuable instrument and equipment, archives and files, computer room fire, as well as the electric low voltage equipments and oils fire due to its nonconductivity. However, it cannot be used to extinguish the potassium, sodium, magnesium, aluminum and other materials fire.
Foam fire extinguisher: the foam can cover the surface of burning objects to prevent air from entering. It is most suitable for extinguish the liquid fire. It cannot extinguish the water-soluble flammable and combustible liquids fire (such as alcohol, ester, ether, ketone and other materials) and the electrical equipment fire.


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