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How long do you not travel? - Weifang Zhoutian International Travel Service invites you to travel to far places




There is a old saying that jauh berjalan, banyak pengalaman. Now in the frantic pace of modern life, the idea of traveling to far places has to be abandoned often due to some reasons such as stressful job, short vacation, unfamiliar traffic and no companion. Whenever you see any nice sightseeing photos others show and hear any interesting stories others tell, you are bound to have a strong desire to go there.
Weifang Zhoutian International Travel Service Co., Ltd. is set up at the Yangzi Street in Binhai on June 12. As the only travel agency in East City, Binhai that is qualified to operate the outbound tourism business independently, it has several gold tour guides and operators who have many years of work experience. They plan and schedule any travel lines, transportation and accommodation for you at any time and provide you with your custom comfortable travel to far places.
During the opening period, Zhoutian International Travel introduces many wonderful travel lines such as the "teenagers travel to Western Hunan to study" outdoor experience summer camp activity, the East China study tour activity, the LOHAS travel to the grassland, the impression Binhai tour, and Hongkong & Macau, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand summer camp, supplemented by the "scan WeChat QR code to obtain bonus money and free travel bags" preferential activity, attracting many citizens come to shop for information in the opening day who give some great comments for our service and travel line arrangement.
Action speaks louder than thinking and Zhoutian International Travel invites you to travel to far places together!
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Address: Yangzi Street, Binhai Economic Devolopment Area, Weifang, diagonally opposite the Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital


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