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Weifang Binhai Tourism Group boosts new marine economic area construction




After the conference of all the government cadres from Binhai, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group immediately passes the conference intent to the group staff, calls the staff to follow the intent, and unifies it into the fine management of group operation and the acceleration of important project construction tasks, to do solid work with full force, to further enrich the connotation of Binhai coastal tourism, to optimize the soft environment of investment in this area, and to contribute to the construction of new marine economic area.
To unify the ideological understanding and strengthen the party-building work, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group foucuses on the basic party-building work, unification of thought and deep conduction of "mass line education" activities, as well as asks all the party members to strictly follow the "three stricts and three honests " work style requirement and effectively enhances the responsibility and mission of basic party-building work. Meanwhile, the group further improves the basic party organization, allows the party memebers to play their leading role, foucuses on the key links, and cultivate the basic cadres; effectively increases the guarantee efforts, strengthens innovation during work, activates the staff for a realistic work attitude, and allows the force to be concentrated on the development of Binhai tourism to construct the future beautiful and happy ocean city together.
To accelerate financing progress and guarantee capital requirements, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group is fully aware of adequate funding that guarantees the group's project construction. Based on the group main long-term credit grade "AA" rated last year, it further deepens the "captital + entity" twin turbo operation strategy, deeply digs the group project financing potential and profitability, and fully opens the door to capital markets. Now, the group has issued one billion yuan RMB of small public offering of corporate bond in The Shanghai Stock Exchange, and has another one billion yuan RMB of private bond issued in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange approved; actively promotes the other financing operations, cooperates with the group main long-term credit grade "AA+" rating, and gets ready for the financing development, project operation and future enterprise merger and acquisition, as well as being listed.
To set up project preparatory groups and ensure project construction, this year, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group foucses on the construction of North Sea fishing village, Joy Sea yacht dock, Joy Sea Hot Spring Holiday Hotel, Wenchang Lake ancillary service and infrastructure, kiteboarding square landscape reconstruction and improvement works etc. According to the schedule, the group will set up individual project preparetory groups, make the responsible person and project nodes clear, and allow the professional team to be responsible for promoting the project construction; hire well-known enterprises and project management team to join the project construction; select outstanding construction enterprises to participate in construction by the way of tener, do well the docking work with the project tenter and bid, design, supervision, audit and other construction organizations, and guarantee the work progress, quality and security to ensure the project to be completed and put into use as soon as possible.
To undertake a series of activities and expand the influence of Joy Sea,taking the reception of major events as an opportunity, such as 33rd Weifang International Kite Festival, 2016 Kiteboarding World Championship Racing, 4th Weifang Binhai Half Marathon, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group cooperates with the related departments such as the District Tourism Resort Management Service Center, the District Propaganda and Culture Center, and learns from their experience; accelerates the progress of Joy Sea beach sand fill and coastline reconstruction and improvement to further improve the hardware facilities; enhances the staff training, improves their service level and awareness, raises the activity hosting ability, and fully expands the influence of Joy Sea brand.


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