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The group has the "consumer rights demonstration enterprise" title rated




On March 15, at the Binhai District 2016 International Consumer Rights Protection Day Commemorative Meeting organized by the district consumers association, civilization office, political department, clean government efficacy center, market egulatory authority etc., with the high quality products and attentive service from Dubai International Hotel, Joy Sea Catering Company, Joy Sea Beach Management Company, Joy Sea Business Hotel, Weifang Zhoutian International Travel Service and other companies under its operation, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group gets a higher rating from public visitors as a "consumer rights demonstration enterprise".
All along, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group has taken "develop tourism and benefit people's livelihood" as its own obligation, based on the Joy Sea beach, synchronously proceeds with multi-field development such as beach management, catering, hotel, travel service and trade, learns from advanced tourism enterprise internal management experience, improves product and service quality and has made some achievements. Next, relying on the North Sea fishing village, Joy Sea Hot Spring Holiday Hotel, Joy Sea yacht dock, Wenchang Lake ancillary service and infrastructure, kiteboarding square landscape reconstruction and improvement works and other projects being planned and constructed, the group will continue to deepen the enterprise operation management, fasten to expand the Joy Sea catering chain quantity, lay out Joy Sea Business Hotel, improve its owned companies' management level such as Dubai International Hotel and Weifang Binhai Meeting Center, and build a national well-known "Joy Sea" tourism brand.


Joy Sea Tourist Resort

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