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Weifang Bohai Aquatic Products Development Company of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Successfully issues one billion yuan RMB of c




Recently, according to the Approval of Corporate Bond Issuance towards Qualiftied Investors by Weifang Bohai Aquatic Products Development Co., Ltd. (CSRC license no. [2015]3055) issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Weifang Bohai Aquatic Products Development Co., Ltd., under the operation of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group, has its one billion yuan RMB of corporate bond filed and issued successfully.
Weifang Bohai Aquatic Products Development Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary wholly owned by Weifang Binhai Tourism Group, and it is a comprehensive company integrated with crude salt production, processing and sales as well as seafood breeding, processing and sales; marine industry, cultural tourism project development, construction and operation. Since its corporate bond issued, it effectively meets the captical requirement as a result of company business scale expansion, boosts its business sustained and stable development and increases its economic benefits.
Shandong is the top one mariculture province nationwide and the Laizhou Bay coast where Weifang Binhai is located, is the Shandong province top one "shellfish ranch" with the unique advantages for shellfish farming. While vigorously developing the marine economy, Binhai district fully conducts the "sea cultivation and shellfish farming" and shellfish resource restoration plan. Weifang Binhai Tourism Group actively makes response to the policies related to the development of modern fisheries in the Binhai district, plans to construct the "sea barn" project, and builds the national high-quality fishery ecological civilization demonstration zone. Next, according to the group strategic plan, Bohai Aquatic Products Development Company will actively introduce the strategic partners, deepen the aquaculture processing business, and construct the industrial chains and industrial clusters of breeding, processing and sales.


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