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The 33rd Weifang International Kite Festival opened




Dance with passion and wind, happy with rain as partner. In the morning of April 16, at the Joy Sea Binhai District with light rain, with beautiful kites still in the wind, with youth singing sound more pleasant, with merry dance more passionate, the 33rd Weifang International Kite Festival is opened here.
  Feng Jianzhong, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration and President of International Kite Federation, declared open the festival. Wang Suilian, vice governor, delivered a speech. Liu Shuguang, municipal committee vice secretary and mayor, presided and addressed. Municipal government officials such as Cui Jianping, Wang Xianling, Su Like and Sun Qisheng, attended the opening ceremony. Zhang Hengdao, district party work committee vice secretary and director of administratIve committee, and district government officials Li Shusen, Zhang Hua, Guo Ruiyan, Liu Zhenyong and Fan Meiqing were present.
  Wang Suilian said, "Weifang is an important birthplace of kite, as well as the world famous kite capital and the International Kite Federation headquarters loaction. At the annual Weifang International Kite Festival, numerous kite lovers at home and abroad will gather here and enjoy themselves. After 33 years, Weifang International Kite has become a broad platform for cooperation and development, and an important stage for showing the image of Shandong. For promoting the kite culture, boosting the public fitness, expanding opening and improving economic development, it plays a very important role. I hope everyone flies their kites with dreams and enjoys themselves through the Weifang International Kite Festival. Sincerely welcome everyone at home and abroad to Shandong for discussion about cooperation, seek common development and create the future."
  Liu Shuguang represented the municipal party committee, the municipal government and 9.27 million Weifang people to welcome all the leaders and guests and thank for their attendance during his speech. He said, "Weifang is the hometown of kite. Over yeas of efforts, the Weifang International Kite Festival has become a very unique international cultural and sports event, a carrier to promote international exchange, a stage to show urban civilization, and one of "China's top ten most influential international festivals". We shall continue to uphold the concept of "run the kite event well, boost cooperation and development", make every effort to accomplish this kite festival as a friendly, harmony and developmental event. We would like to continue to take the kite as the media to make friends with everyone worldwide and fly our dreams together and create a better future!" 
  After the opening ceremony, the leaders and guests happily watched the wonderful cultural performances. Although it rained, those performances were still wonderful and won bursts of applause.
  According to reports, this kite festival arranges 3 modules including kite, culture and investment, and 19 important activities. They mainly include 33rd Weifang International Kite Festival opening ceremony and ten thousand people flying kite performance, Twelfth World Kite Championship, 2016 1st China (Weifang) International Kite Cultural and Creative Design Works and kite works contest, 6th Chinese Painting Festival·9th China (Weifang) Culture and Art Trade Fair, the large dance drama "Kite" performance, 2016 Weifang International Folk Art spring activities, 1st International Kite Culture Poetry and Painting Contest Biennale Show, 2nd China (Weifang) Collectors Fair and 2016 Weifang Travel of diplomats from important countries along One Belt and One Road.


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