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Weifang Kite Festival "ten thousand people travel to Binhai" activity held successfully




On April 17, thousands of visitor from the southwest region of Shandong Province held the "Weifang Kite Festival, ten thousand people travel to Binhai" activity at the Weifang Binhai Joy Sea beach. This activity is planned and hosted by Weifang Binhai Tourism Group. It attracts more than 2,000 people to attend, including travel agencies, tourists and media from Jinan, Zibo and Linyi and other Shandong southwest region.
For this activity, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group specially invites the performance teams from South Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia to bring exotic performances for the present tourists. The national dance from South Korea performance team sets off a wave of Korean wind and wins favorable comments of young tourists on site. The performance "Music and dance" from Malaysia team allows people to seem to be in the Malay Peninsula and the dynamic rhythm brings a breath of fresh tropical ocean. The singing and dancing performance from Indonesia team is also wonderful and wins applause again and again. The singing and dancing performance, Face Magic and other performances from Weifang Blue Fantasy Art Team allows the scene to achieve the climax one by one with cheers continued.
After the wonderful performances, the ten thousand balloons flying activity is carried out at the Weifang Binhai kiteboarding base performing square. On site, over 2000 tourists let their balloons to fly at the same time to pray for their family and friends. Those colorful balloons fly with wind over the Joy Sea, which would bring blessing for Binhai and Weifang.
This "International Kite Festival, ten thousand people travel to Binhai" activity is designed to take the 33rd International Kite Festival as an opportunity to allow more people to know the unique Binhai beach style and public tourists to come to Binhai, know it, love it and promote it. Meanwhile, it publicizes many tourism projects such as Joy Sea yacht dock, Joy Sea Hot Spring Holiday Hotel, North Sea fishing village and Bohai Eye Ferris Wheel, which will greatly improve the reputation of joy sea beach and expand the influence of Binhai Tourism to provide a broader future for the development of Binhai tourism.


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