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The Weifang Binhai Tourist Area Is Formally Listed in the Brand List of the Shangdong “Fairy Coast" Cultural Tourism Destination




The Weifang Binhai tourist area is formally listed in the brand list of the Shandong "Fairy Coast" cultural tourism destination in accordance with the official reply of LL ZI[2017] No. 34 from the Shandong Tourism Development Committee on May 4, 2017.
The Fairy Coast is a brand product of Top Ten Cultural Tourism Destination in Shandong Province. The top ten destinations include "Sacred Land of Confucianism, Fairy Coast, Blessing Mount Tai, Capital of former Qi Kingdom, Jinan the City of Springs, Grand Canal with Confucian Grace, Venue of Water Margin Heroes' Story, Estuary of the Yellow River, Yimeng: Feeling at Home and Prehistoric Habitat of Dinosaurs". The Fairy Coast will be constructed to a world famous brand of Binhai holiday tourist destination, which can be comparable with the Australia Gold Coast, the Spain Sun Coast and the Mediterranean Cote d'Azur being based on the idea of "Tao way follows nature", "Nature and Man in One" and "keep in good health and heart", depending on the beautiful coastal natural environment and specific culture to build a leisure atmosphere of "Fairy Coast" with enjoying the sunshine, swimming in the sea, eating seafood, relaxing your body and mind and freeing you heart and going at large.
In recent years, Weifang Binhai will regard the development of tourism as a key point to realize the blue crossing and constantly increase the investment of development. As the first state-owned group in Binhai District, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd. always devote itself to the development and construction of tourism of the Binhai District. Large quantities tourist projects are successively completed to make the supporting facilities of the tourist area of the Binhai District increasingly perfect. The Joyful Sea sand beach scenic under the Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd. had been systematically upgraded and rebuilt the coastal landscape from October 2016. After the rebuilding, the green area covers 0.1 million m2, and all greenery landscapes are matched with the location features where they are located, with the characteristics of flexibility, all of which reflect the integration between nature and human. Every tree and bush consists of the design idea of the landscape garden. All kinds supporting facilities of Joyful Sea are improving, such as the large-scale art performance square towards to the sea, ecological parking lot covered by green shade, large-scale hydrophilic diving platform and the ecological toilet built based on the standard of 5A scenic spots, which greatly closes the distance between visitors and sea. A lot of tourism items, such as, City Art Center, Grand Millennium Dubai, Joyful Sea Catering and Joyful Sea Business Hotel and others blossom in many places to add new energy to the rich and colorful Binhai tourism resources. At the same time, the construction of the projects of Wenchang Lake Zhumeng Square, International Yacht Dock, Beihai Fishing Village and Beihai Hot-spring Resort Hotel is going on with all efforts. Numerous tourist supporting facilities with standardization and internationalization are sharply rising on the north of Weifang.
The Weifang Binhai tourism area is listed in the brand list of "fairy coast" cultural tourism destination, and it will expand the influence and popularity of the Binhai tourism of Weifang The brand effect of "Fairy Coast" Cultural Tourism destination will make tourists more understand the Binhai District and integrate them with the Binhai District, which is beneficial to further integrate the coastal tourism resources and enrich the tourism products. Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd. Will further accelerate the construction of tourist facilities to amplify the attraction of coastal tourism, and jointly promote the tourist cooperation of the Shandong Peninsula region to build the "tourism and residence" brand with a world-class.


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