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Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd. is awarded the honor of "2016 Provincial Civilized Unit"




Recently, Shandong Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee published the Decision on Naming and Commending the 2016 Provincial Civilized Villages, Civilized Units and Civilized Community, and the Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd. Is awarded the title of Provincial Civilized Unit in 2016, which is the only newly-added selected unit in our district in this year.
Weifang Binhai Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Is established on June 7, 2013, and on December 17 in the same year, it became the Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd., Which is first state-owned group company in our district. In recent years, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd. Takes the comprehensive development of blue marine resources as the main line, in line with the principle of "Ecology, life and vitality", surrounding the integrated development planning of " river, lake, sea and island" to connect the shore, waters and island in a line and construct a water loving coastline landscape belt with a high standard; and the new economic model is formed by the deep development of leisure vacation, water sports, yacht tourism, recreational fishing, tourist real estate and  ancient site of salt industry, taking the real economy as a support, depending on the high-grade, precision and advanced talents team and regarding modern enterprises management system as a directive. The new economic model will make the blue marine industry chain develop both in scope and in depth and accelerate the function integration of marine culture industry to strive to become a large-scale tourism enterprises group that can help the development of the regional economy, promote the transformation of industry and has a high popularity in the whole province and even in the whole nation.
At present Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd.is constructing the international first -class Yacht Mari, special Beihai hot-spring resort hotel, promising seaborne granary and Beihai fishing village with its special and other seaside tourist projects, and the group actively uses the finance platform to accelerate tourism development and spares no effort to create a soft environment of seaside tourism that is suit for tourism, residence and business.


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