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Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd. Wins the Right to Use "Hospitable Shandong" Brand for Ten Years




Recently, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong Tourism Development Committee sign an agreement about usage and joint development of "Hospitable Shandong" brand, and successfully win the right to use "Hospitable Shandong" brand from 2016 to 2026, manifesting support and expectation to the Group from Shandong Tourism Development Committee.
Image promotion of "Hospitable Shandong" brand is an important measure for propagandizing and generalizing Shandong tourism by Shandong Tourism Development Committee and is the most vivid and direct information transfer for Shandong tourism. "Hospitable Shandong" is a cultural tourism brand and symbol of etiquette. By propagandizing and popularizing at Local TV, CCTV, etc., "Hospitable Shandong" brand awareness and reputation are improved rapidly with brand influence and radiometric force continuously intensified and brand intangible assets assessed to nearly RMB 17 billion. "Hospitable Shandong" becomes a famous tourism brand in China, and a symbol of Shandong Province to some extent, arouses wide concern and is generally accepted at home and abroad, outside and inside the industry as well as in all sectors of society.
As a state-owned group whose assets exceed RMB 33 billion and which has 37 member enterprises, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd. is in possession of tourism development and management team with rich experience and various advantageous tourism resources such as "Fuhua", "Joyful Sea" and "Dubai" as well as strong tourism development and operation strength. The group has been closely following the strategy of "break through Binhai" from Weifang municipal Party committee and municipal government, striving to develop Binhai tourism under the correct leading by Weifang Binhai Economy and Technology Development Zone Management Committee and exerting strong boosting function of Binhai tourism opening and development .
After obtaining the right to use "Hospitable Shandong" brand, based on Binhai, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd. will realize powerful combination of rich tourism resources of the Group and "Hospitable Shandong" brand, make Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd. grow into one comprehensive tourism enterprise with high popularity in Shandong and even nationwide and promote spanning development of Shandong tourism industry upon deployment in Shandong and focusing on the whole country and by virtue of multi-angle and multifaceted three-dimensional promotion and application.


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