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Grand Opening of the 34th Weifang International Kite Festival




Spring is in the air with song heard and colorful kites flying in the sky with friends gathering. On the morning of Apr. 15, at the sunny joyful sea in Binhai District, sea sprays in the sea flush along the wave, kites competitively fly in the sky, cheerful song and song gladden the heart and please the eye and passionate singing make dreams fly with grand opening of the 34th Weifang International Kite Festival.
Deputy chairman of Chinese Olympic Committee and chairman of International Kite Federation-FENG Jianzhong declares the commencement, member of Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee and executive vice governor-LI Qun makes a speech, municipal party secretary and director of Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress-LIU Shuguang presides, municipal leaders-LI Kuanduan, ZOU Qingzhong, SUN Qisheng, LIU Jianguo, WANG Shuhua, WU Lei, etc. attend the opening ceremony with participation by district leaders-ZHANG Hengdao, FAN Meiqing, etc.
LI Qun says in his speech that Shandong is the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, state of ceremonies and one of regions with the most development potential and vigor and preferred by domestic and overseas investors. Weifang international kite meeting every year attracts numerous kite lovers at home and abroad to gather here for exchanging skill and passing friendship.
LI Qun points out that Weifang International kite festival has been held for 34 times and become a beautiful business card of Shandong and Weifang and plays an important role in carrying forward kite culture, promoting national fitness, expanding opening to the outside world and promoting economic cooperation. Weifang International Kite Festival is kite culture grand meeting as well as grand meeting for cooperation and exchange, which builds a platform and set up a bridge for promoting joint development. It's hoped that domestic and overseas friends can enjoy the joy brought by kite activity, obtain genuine friendship, carry out innovation and entrepreneurship, seek common development and realize new dreams in Shandong-hot land by means of Weifang International kite festival.
LIU Shuguang extends a warm welcome to various leaders and guests on behalf of municipal Party committee, municipal government and people in the city and express heartfelt thanks for long-term attention and support for Weifang development by various leaders and friends from all circles. After his brief introduction about Weifang economic and social development, he says that Weifang is the hometown of kites, Weifang international kite festival has become an international cultural and sports event with unique characteristics, a carrier for promoting international exchange and cooperation as well as a platform for displaying urban civilization. Based on new starting point, we will continuously insist on the idea of "complete kite festival and promote cooperation and development" to strive to make this kite festival a festival for friendly and development.
LIU Shuguang says that the 12th municipal party congress describes layout plan of Weifang in next five years and puts forward the aim and task of building strong industrial city, famous cultural city, dynamic city and quality city as well as accelerating to build rich, cultural and modernized strong city full of energy. Weifang municipal party committee and municipal government cordially welcome various guests and friends to continuously make progress together and create better future with us.
After opening ceremony, leaders and guests participating in the meeting gamely watch excellent artist program, and players' fascinating show wins cheers and applauses from the audience.


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