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2018 New Year Greeting from Secretary of CPC and Chairman of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group




Distinguished leaders and dear colleagues:

Hello, everybody! Time flies and 2018 comes in an instant. Here, I give New Year greeting to all staff on behalf of the management team of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group! I also wish all leaders and friends supporting tourism development in Binhai District, Weifang everything goes as you wish!

In 2017 just going by, under correct guidance by municipal Party committee, municipal government, district party working committee and management committee as well as joint effort made by all staff, the Group spares no effort to develop and makes outstanding achievements in various work. 

Joy Sea Beach Scenic Spot is successfully promoted to "4A" scenic spot as well as organizes and undertakes many top games and activities; Seaside Joy Sea business model is open for business and the Group's reception capacity is further reinforced; Bailang River ferris wheel engineering which establishes three world records is successfully completed with light brightening completed and will be opened soon; Beihai Hot Spring Resort Hotel has reached a cooperation framework agreement with Starwood Hotels, introduces "Sheraton" brand managements and will create domestic top-ranking hot-spring resort hotel; Wenchang Lake Zhumeng Square is put into operation which becomes a new place for Binhai leisure culture tourism. Anqiu Store and Dajiawa Store of Zhoutian International Travel Service start business; Operation of Dubai International Hotel, City Art Center, Joy Sea Catering, etc. is steady and orderly, construction of several projects such as marina, headquarters base and commercial complex is accelerated and tourism strength of the Group is steadily increased.

In 2017, the Group approves new financing of RMB 0.87 billion and completes continuous credit extension of RMB 0.932 billion. There are also 6 major projects which have already started and it's planned to raise funds of RMB 8.7 billion. Financial service of commercial factoring and finance leasing companies is implemented orderly; Economic and trade company's management function is significantly enhanced and realizes the income of nearly RMB 70 million; Haizhiling Media Company's influence is further enlarged and planned activity wins good response. Joy Sea Fishing Field wins the title of "top ten provincial leisure seal fishing fields"; Zhou Chenghu Academician Workstation of Chinese Academy of Sciences settles in Binhai District, Chenglin Company's landscaping industry development and listing work are supported by stronger scientific research team. 

The Group also signs a contract with General Administration of Sport of China and CYA to establish Chinese national team of kite sailboard; A number of players from Blue Fantasy Kitesurfing Club win the championship in the international competition and win the honor; Weifang Binhai tourism dragon boat team wins the good result - total score ranking third at Nanjing Liuhe Station of China Longzhou Tournament; The Group also wins such titles as "Kite City Culture Award" excellent cultural enterprise and "Honest and Kind Shandong Merchant" brand image enterprise, smoothly passes reexamination of provincial spiritual civilization unit and the influence of Binhai tourism is further expanded. 

In 2017, the Group establishes the discipline inspection commission; Change the term of office of New Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors succeeds and the work becomes more normative; It's organized to convene the first meeting of the first congress of workers and staff as well as several great events and practical work cared by staff are voted and passed; Internal control management system and performance assessment management system are optimized. Democratic management and scientific management of the Group step into new phase.

The above achievements made pertain to correct guidance by district party working committee and management committee, care and support from all leaders as well as hard work of all staff of the Group, I express thanks to everyone! 

2018 is the year when the whole country starts to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the fifth year as of establishment of the Group and the year full of challenges. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China describes the grand blueprint of accelerating the realization of Chinese Dream in new era for use as well as points out the direction for strengthening the conviction, seizing new opportunities and accelerating the development.

In 2018, the Group will continuously follow the strategic deployment "Four Binhais", highlight Party construction guidance, solidly implement the activity of promoting "Work Style Construction" by “Double Release, Double Promotion” and “Double Transformation”, carry out high positioning, construct Party construction demonstration site, set up the standard and lead all staff to throw themselves into great opening and great development career of Binhai tourism. In terms of enterprise operation, it's necessary to resolutely implement light asset operation strategy, expand hotel, restaurant chain and output management as well as strengthen and optimize tourism plate; It's necessary to simplify the organization, reinforce operation management and enhance profitability; In terms of project construction, it's necessary to take the initiative to tackle key problems and solve difficulties, accelerate construction progress and build Weifang Binhai tourism landmark projects and characteristic brand. We will strengthen sense of mission and sense of duty, develop huge potential, work together and stride forward. 

Our dream will shine keenly in the new year-2018.

On the occasion of 2018 New Year, I hope everyone enjoys good health, everything goes well with your work, all wishes come true and a happy family in the new year!  


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