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Plenty of Spring Breeze and Honored Guests Come Together——Sidelights on The 14th World Kite Championship




Kites fly in the sky and beautiful Weifang exists on the ground. On Apr. 21, the grand opening ceremony of the 35th Weifang International Kite Festival and the 14th World Kite Championship happens in the kite flying field of 1000mu in Binhai District, Weifang, attracting more than 2000 kite lovers from all over the world to gather in Binhai District for flying their dreams and celebrating the joyous event. With vernal spring breeze, colorful kites compete with each other for beauty of looks in the sky and bring wonderful event to the audience.

The world kite championship consists of international team and domestic team, invites 89 kite representative teams (including 220 team members and 502 kites) from 57 countries and regions such as America, Germany, South Africa, Columbia, Belgium and Panama to participate in the championship. There are 82 kite representative teams from 19 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China with 352 team members and 780 kites participating in the championship. Competition events include two parts-competitive event and characteristic kite performance project. Competitive events cover fighting kite contest, double movement kite group ballet, four-thread movement kite group ballet, innovative kite contest, excellent traditional kite contest, kite contest with the best effect in the sky and the kite contest with the best soft modeling (pendant). Characteristic kite performance project includes exhibition match of kites with the longest string, exhibition match of the biggest kite, exhibition match of the best hobbing dragon kite as well as exhibition match of dragon series kites.

According to information, this year, Binhai District, Weifang signs up and participates in the kite match of the best soft modeling (pendant). Kite representative team coach of Binhai District, Weifang said: "The kite with five pendants is composed by one dragon, two sea horses and two jellyfishes whose name is Trachinoid Binhai, meaning various careers in Binhai District develop rapidly and are thriving. Our innovative kite is the big octopus kite with black base and green stripe which can fly to the highest place in the sky and it is 5.1m in width and more than 60m in length. We innovate the equilibrium structure of the kite and one person can make the kite stably fly in the sky by three threads which has technical primacy in comparison to other kites which need more than ten threads and need to be continuously and manually adjusted. The technology is the second to none in the world." to the journalist.

Different from kite representative team of Binhai District, Weifang, the kite representative team from Shandong Industrial Technical College brings the kite with the longest string among characteristic kites. A team member said: "When we design the kite, we increase one light blue color band representing College characteristics under each independent kite for strengthening visual effect which needs good tacit understanding between team members because twining with other kite easily arises on account of any carelessness, resulting in failure in flying. 12 team members have carried out multiple attempt before the contest for flying the “long dragon” kite. “Today's performance is good, a great progress is made compared to before although one-time success doesn't arise and it's hoped that a good performance will be made at the time of the contest” to the journalist.

The youngest flying player in the world championship is Tusk Rove from Russia Baikal kite team who is only 11 years old but can sign up for independently participating in the best traditional kite contest. The oldest flying player is Endre from Sweden at the age of 69 who is as happy as a child in the kite competition terrain. For the purpose of participating in the Weifang kite festival, he specially designs pirate ship kite and he dresses up as pirate who drinks wine and flies the kite at the same time, attracting many audiences to watch. Ms. Barbara Meier from America once participated in the 20th Weifang International Kite Festival, she comes as expected to participate in this kite festival with her "treasure" and deeply love Weifang and China because of her yearning for kite city in the world and passion of kite sports. Singapore Novelty Kite Team led by Mr. Wang Qianhuo is famous for unique creative kite. The team brings self-made creative kites to participate in innovative kite, kite contest with the best effect in the sky and the dragon series kite contest, respectively this time.

What deserves to be mentioned is that two teams in this world kite championship participate in Weifang Kite Festival for the first time. The teacher-Ms. Sama Dihe from Tunisia is the group leader of Tunisia Flyer Kite Club which is the only kite flying team in Tunisia, and she hopes that international kite festival will be held in Tunisia one day. Panama Kite Delegation also participates in Weifang International Kite Festival for the first time, which is the first kite representative team from central American countries since Weifang Kite Festival was held.

Various fighting kites with styling continuously changing include Nantong "Banyao" kite which is enough to wake the dead, dragon head centipede kite having dominant temperament, flexible and cute octopus kite and jellyfish kite. Kite championship makes kite masters and kite sports enthusiasts from all over the world get together, pass the friendship with kites in different shapes, communicate with each other about their skills and enjoy charm of kite sports, and also brings an unforgettable kite flying feast to citizens and tourists.


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