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Grand Opening of The 35th Weifang International Kite Festival in Binhai




Ten-mile spring breeze goes forward with great strength and vigour and multifarious colorful kites fly in the sky. On Apr. 21, grand opening happens to the 35th Weifang international kite festival as well as the 14th world kite championship and kite flying performance by thousands of people in Binhai District. Colorful kites fly up and down between blue sky and white cloud, multifarious silk threads connect genuine friendship of friends from all corners of the country, guests at home and abroad get together in beautiful Binhai who fly their dreams, make a spring wish, pray for better tomorrow and celebrate happy feast on the green flying field of 1,000mu.

Vice-chairman of Chinese Olympic Committee and chairman of International Kite Federation-Feng Jianzhong announces inauguration, vice-governor Sun Jiye makes a speech, Slovak ambassador in China-Duchamp Bela, municipal party secretary and director of municipal Standing Committee of the National People's Congress-Liu Shuguang, municipal leaders-Li Kuanrui, Su Like and Sun Qisheng and District leaders-Zhang Hengdao, etc. attend the opening ceremony.

At the time of making a speech, Sun Jiye said: "Shandong is the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, state of ceremonies, coastal big economic province, big cultural province and province with large population in Eastern China as well as one of regions with the most development potential and vitality which are the most popular among domestic and overseas investors in China." Weifang is the famous kite city and the place where the headquarters of International Kite Federation is. Weifang International Kite Festival attracts many domestic and overseas kite lovers to get together here for exchanging skill and passing friendship every year. Weifang International kite festival has been held for 35 times and become a beautiful business card of Shandong and Weifang and plays an important role in carrying forward kite culture, promoting national fitness, expanding opening to the outside world and promoting economic cooperation. We hope that Weifang can further explore and promote brand value of international kite festival and build international kite festival into world famous festival. Weifang international kite festival is the grand gathering of kite culture as well as cooperation and exchange. It's sincerely hoped that friends can enjoy the joy of kite sports and gain genuine friendship by Weifang International Kite Festival.

It's sincerely hoped that domestic and overseas friends can carry out innovation and entrepreneurship and cooperate for a bright future in Shandong which is the hot land. 

When Li Kuanrui presides over the opening ceremony, he extends a warm welcome to all leaders and guests as well as express heartfelt thanks to all leaders and friends from all circles participating in, caring and supporting Weifang reform and development on behalf of municipal Party committee, municipal government and 9.36 million Weifang citizens. After briefly introducing socio-economic development of Weifang, he said: "kites bear people's dream of flying in the blue sky and people's hope of good life. Annual international kite festival builds the window for Weifang opening to the outside world, cooperation platform and friendship bridge as well as has become cultural and sports event with important international influence. The International Kite Festival of this year is themed by "being higher, further and more beautiful" which is participated by more than 2,000 kite lovers from 57 countries and regions as well as 19 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, including 41 activities such as competition, performance, exhibition and economy and trade which lasts for 20 days and will be a comprehensive event with high degree of internationalization, strong masses participation, many activity contents and great social influence.

After the opening ceremony, leaders and guests participating in the festival gamely watch wonderful artistic performance and flying performance. 


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