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Pray for universal peace and enjoy good luck in Beihai. On the morning of Mar. 3 (the 16th day of the first month of the lunar year), the 14th Weifang Beihai folk-custom-sea Worship Festival is held on Joy Sea beach. Thousands of citizens and tourists from Beijing, Jinan and Weifang gather in the scene of sea worship festival for jointly praying good weather for the crops in one year and peace in four seasons. 

The Weifang Beihai Folk-custom-sea Worship Festival continues the sea worship culture of Baoen Temple in Gudichang, Binhai District during the Yuan dynasty for the sake of mainly worshiping Buddha Bodhisattva as well as sea goddess-Mazu and sea god-Dragon King, consisting of such links as mage admission, reading eulogy, blessing and chanting sutras, mass blessing, folk worship as well as folk song and dance performances. The activity highlights the lightspot of "ecological sea worship", follows previous worship method with only sacrifice and blessing as well as artist program instead of fire worship or plenty of sacrificial offerings which proposes purification of ecological environment and protection of marine resources. 

Weifang Binhai Tourism Group provides substantial support for the activity and completes a series of preparation work such as arrangement of activity space and logistics service guarantee; During the event, the staff is organized to maintain on-site order and the activity proceeding orderly is guaranteed.

As a marine folk-custom activity sponsored among the people, Weifang Beihai Folk-custom-sea Worship Festival has the history of more than 2000 years. At the moment of the Spring Festival holidays (the 15th and 16th days of the first month of the lunar year), Binhai residents implement sea worship activity in Laohekou Dam and fishing harbor. On the 16th day of the first month of the lunar year in 2015, the masses of Weifang Binhai spontaneously organized the first Weifang Beihai Folk-custom-sea Worship Festival activity, integrated folk-custom tradition, marine elements and modern tourism culture in blue and yellow economic zones which has been continuously held for four times up to this year. Each Weifang Beihai Folk-custom-sea Worship Festival is widely welcomed by residents in coastal areas. In 2016, Weifang Beihai Folk-custom-sea Worship Festival was listed as one of 44 important cultural activities in Weifang City during the period of Spring Festival. In 2017, it's listed as major project of "176" action of "brand Weifang" construction and was included in the recommendation list of protection projects of non-material cultural heritage in Weifang. 

The sea worship activity is aimed at inheriting the history and continuation of folk, which not only attracts many tourists and carries forward traditional culture of Binhai, but also has important historical significance and practical significance on comprehensively improving the influence of fishing salt culture in Binhai New District, strengthening the maritime awareness of the public, driving tourism in Binhai District to flourish and revealing humanistic charm in Binhai District. 


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