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Happy Feast and Agreeing to Meet in Binhai——Written on the Eve of 2017 Kitesurfing Competition




Colorful kites fly windward to the blue sky and waves whirl around with people dancing with wave. In Sept. of each year, more than 100 top-class kitesurfing athletes from many countries and regions such as America, Thailand, Italy and Germany get together in Binhai and present fast and furious fights in the blue sky and white cloud. 

From year to year, annual "Binhai Grand Gathering" comes at the appointed time. 2017 World Kitesurfing Racing Championship and the 9th Chinese Weifang Binhai International Kitesurfing Invitational Tournament will be held in Joy Sea on Sept. 9. As the beautiful card of Binhai-maritime city, the kitesurfing competition has lots of bright spots, competition specification is upgraded and site environment is gradually optimized in comparison to previous competitions. Anticipating and thrilling visual feasts will arise here.

Gather in Binhai for The Dream and Passionate Blooming

Just as its name implies, kitesurfing combines traditional surfing and kite which arose for the first time at the beginning of the 1990s when equipment of the sport fails to be mature and the kite is difficult to fly again after falling into the water in the process of surfing until professional kite operated across the water arises later whose shape is similar to that of paragliding kite, but airfoil and keel of such kite are aerated, so such kite won't fall and can fly again after falling over the water. 

On the sea surface where the waves ran high, the person flying the kite holds the kite with hands and stamps on the surfboard who advances rapidly sometimes, leaps from the water for flying back sometimes and completes various difficult actions in the jump process. Modern competitive charm full of stimulation and challenge makes people have a new understanding about kites. The kitesurfing becomes popular soon in the whole world. Foreigners engaging in kitesurfing increase rapidly as well as related organization and contests are gradually formed. 

Binhai is the region where kitesurfing and kitesurfing contest were conducted earliest in China. Binhai is in possession of advantaged conditions for kitesurfing where the sea area is vast, the beach is flat and free from submerged rock, wind energy resources are rich and wind direction is stable and which is the best place for aquatic sports such as kitesurfing. Binhai kitesurfing competition has a very high international influence, shines Weifang Binhai kitesurfing brand, has become one of kitesurfing competitions with the most influence in China and drives the development of kitesurfing. 

Jasiek from Poland said: "the sea is gentle and the wind is strong here." to the journalist at the scene of 2016 world Kitesurfing Racing Championship and the 8th Chinese Weifang Binhai International Kitesurfing Invitational Tournament who is only 11 years old and come to Binhai with her father for fighting against kitesurfing masters from all over the world. In his opinion, geographical conditions and climate in Binhai are very suitable for the irritative aquatic sport.

Hardware Facilities are Upgraded Anew

Recently, when the journalist comes to the kitesurfing base in our District transformed and upgraded, he/she sees brand-new performance stage facing the sea which is particularly striking under the sunshine. Supporting square constructed fully extends sight, enriching square space and bringing better visual experience to field audience at the same time.

For the purpose of better serving extensive tourists and building international kitesurfing tourism scenic area, resort area transforms and upgrades kitesurfing base with total investment of RMB 0.25 billion, forms double-deck coastal footpath space and increases functional usage space with original dam body as well as makes costal fending groyne packaged anew. Transformation and upgrading of central zone of kitesurfing base landscape engineering further enrich landscape in the resort area, bring different travelling experiences to tourists. The above central zone is equipped with perfect facilities, providing more perfect platform for our District holding Weifang international kite festival, international kitesurfing competition and other large-scale events as well as further helping tourism in our District to sustainably and healthily develop. 

Progressive optimization of site and environment will certainly bring honor to 2017 world kitesurfing racing championship. Vice general manager of Beach Management Company of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group-Wang Shiwei said: "from the end of 2016, Joy Sea Beach Management Co., Ltd. of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group has invested more than RMB 0.3 billion to upgrade and rebuild the whole Joy Sea Beach Scenic Spot and kitesurfing base. Ecological parking lot and greening area of transformed Joy Sea Beach Scenic Spot reaches to 60%, stage of kitesurfing base is transformed and the transformed stage faces the sea, tourists can watch the performance and enjoy the sea at the same time. Transformed kitesurfing base and grand stage have successfully undertaken the 34th Weifang International Kite Festival. In the meanwhile, our 3A toilets win praise from all tourists and our sightseeing platform is very popular among extenstive tourists." 

Wonderful Feast is Going to Start 

Based on blue sky, white cloud, blue sea and gold sand, good time for surfing comes. 

For the purpose of planning 2017 International Kitesurfing Competition in advance and further expanding influence and popularity of Binhai District, District Party Working Committee and Management Commitment form a group to Europe for discussion with IKO. IKO fully affirms implementation of 2016 kitesurfing work in our District, successfully signs tripartite cooperation agreement, duly authorizes Management Committee of Weifang Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone to hold 2017 World Kitesurfing Racing Championship in Sep. of this year and grants long-term authorization involving holding of two-way slab racing game which acts as test preparation competition for kitesurfing project of 2018 World Youth Olympic Games. 

Nowadays, Weifang Binhai has developed into one of three high-level kitesurfing sports bases which has the highest marketization degree in China. China's famous kitesurfing professional manager joins Weifang Blue Fantasy Kitesurfing Club and signs a contract with domestic top athletes. Considering that the kitesurfing has been included into competition events of 2018 Youth Olympic Games, signatory althletes will become important competition strength forming national team to participate in Youth Olympic Games. 

The journalist knows from tourist administration of the District that the competition is sponsored by community center of General Administration of Sport of China, IKA, Chinese Kite Flying Association and Management Committee of Weifang Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone, and is undertaken by Weifang Binhai Tourism Group. Competition items of the contest are divided into two parts-water wing sailboard racing and two-way sailboard racing which are conducted in man group and woman group. Man and woman Youth Olympic groups of two-way sailboard racing are added for competition, of which man group and woman group (Youth Olympic Group) of two-way sailboard racing are included into test match of kitesurfing project of 2018 World Youth Olympic Games in Argentina and become the kitesurfing competition rule of Youth Olympic Games adopted in China for the first time. 

In order to guarantee 2017 international kitesurfing competition is smoothly held, related departments of our District are actively preparing, strengthening coordination and comprehensively completing various preparation work. With international popularity of Binhai international kitesurfing competition increasingly improved, athletes from various countries now actively sign up to participate in the competition. Up to now, there are more than 80 athletes from nearly 30 countries signing up, creating conditions for improving international popularity of Binhai. Teams participating in competition in Binhai District are strengthening exercises and sparing no effort to prepare for the world championship at the same time. Furthermore, for the purpose of better enriching activity contents during the event and forming the thick atmosphere of participation by all people and sharing the competition, tourist administration of the District actively coordinates various supporting activity projects during the event and has confirmed that the half marathon event is conducted during the holding of competition. 


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