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Shandong Province Tourist Hotel Industry Service Quality Improvement Skills Competition and the Second Shandong Gold Tourism....




A few days ago, Shandong Province tourist hotel industry service quality improvement skills competition and the second Shandong gold tourism snacks competition of "Weifang Binhai tourism cup" organized by Shandong Tourism Development Committee and Shandong Tourist Hotels Association and based on title sponsorship by Weifang Binhai Tourism Group and Shandong Jingzhi Wine Industry Co., Ltd. are held in Yanzi Mountain Villa, Jinan and 161 althletes from 17 prefecture-level cities of Shandong Province overcome all the difficulties in the way and will participate in the final. 

Deputy director of Shandong Tourism Development Committee-Sun Shue as well as vice-chairman of China Tourist Hotel Association and chairman of Shandong Tourist Hotels Association-He Zhuanglong attend the opening ceremony and give a speech. Vice-chairman of Shandong Tourist Hotels Association as well as secretary of CPC and chairman of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group-Zang Chuankui makes an address on the opening ceremony. 530 persons including relevant responsible persons of tourism departments at all levels, group leaders and coaches of representative team, competitor representatives participating in the competition, judge, sponsor representatives and media guests participate on the opening ceremony. 

At the opening ceremony, Zang Chuankui expresses congratulations to the competition successfully held firstly and points out the competition is the platform for competitors fully displaying skills, studying service skill as well as promoting industry communication and friendship cooperation and has a good promotion role in elevating overall quality of staff of hotels and building a talented person team with excellent quality, exquisite craftsmanship and perfect work style; The competition has important practical significance on comprehensive improvement of service level of tourist hotel and building "Good Shandong" brand. In the meanwhile, he hopes that all competitors participating in the competition can give the best account of themselves and display fine sportsmanship, learn from associate organizations in the same industry, make the best of the both worlds, carry out continuous improvement, make common progress and work hand in hand to create a new situation of tourism industry in Shandong Province. 

Weifang Binhai Tourism Group pays high attention to the competition and provides a comprehensive guarantee for various aspects such as competition organization, transportation and accommodation arrangement. After rounds of selection, a team constituted by competitors with a good image, exquisite craftsmanship and good quality is ultimately chosen to participate in the competition on behalf of the Group. Competitors show their capabilities in 6 projects-Chinese food banquet table setting, western food banquet table setting, Chinese-style bed/formation of night bed, English-style cocktail modulation, coffee art, competition of gold tourism snacks as well as compete for championship with peers in Shandong Province. 

At the competition site, many competitors show their special skills whose action of making the bed and setting a table carefully is standard and cocktail modulation and coffee art work is inventive. Dazzling characteristic food and gold famous snacks from various regions glut their eyes of field audiences. In the competition, competitors participating in the competition from representative team of the Group perform well, get critical acclaim from professional judges with adept professional skill and excellent food quality and wins many prizes such as "gold snack prize". At the same time, the title of "prominent contribution prize" is granted to the Group with excellent organizing ability in the competition. 

The competition further strengthens exchange and learning in the tourist hotel industry of Shandong Province, well shows the integral level of tourist hotel industry in Binhai District and Weifang City and embodies "the spirit of originality" of tourist hotel practitioners and will further drive tourist hotels in Binhai District and Weifang City to improve quality and efficiency and build the brand of tourist hotel industry in Weifang City. 



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