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Mechanism Perfection, Service Improvement, Deep Connection and Resource Arrangement




At the 2017 World Kitesurfing Racing Championship and the 9th Chinese Weifang Binhai International Kitesurfing Invitational Tournament just concluded, 80 international top-level professional kitesurfing players from 26 countries and regions such as America and Thailand compete with each other, further enhancing popularity and influence of Binhai and driving the development of the culture and sports as well as leisure tourism ecomomy of Binhai. From this year, after deep connection, resource arrangement, mechanism perfection, service improvement, solidarity and cooperation as well as close coordination, our District further grasps the development pulse of kitesurfing contest activity, spares no effort to promote specification and level of the contest, improves popularity of kitesurfing sports, spares no effort to build top competition brand, drives Binhai city influence to step into new phase with high-end, high-quality and efficient posture and comprehensively helps construction of "four Binhais". 

Deep connection and fighting for resources. Our District takes building domestic first-rate aquatic sports leisure base and Binhai holiday leisure travel destination with distinctive characteristics as the target, strives to fight for international high-quality resources, organizes personnel to Spanish, Italy, etc. for deep connection with IKA and successfully wins long-term authorization of holding international kitesurfing championship after unrimitting efforts, changing the passive situation of applying for holding international kitesurfing contest once a year in the past. Resort area management service center of our District organizes staff to Beijing for 4 times and apply to senior departments for handling the formality of international contest in the whole process with official reply from General Administration of Sport of China successfully gotten. 

Fine service and improvement of standards. Our District adheres to the philosophy of "holding first-rate contest", provides fine service in the whole process of the contest, further optimizes service mechanism and establishes contest preparatory committee based on high standard. Main responsible comrades of District management committee assume leadership, tourism, public security, administrative enforcement of law, traffic, alliance and other functional departments take the responsibility and cooperate with each other, weave dense responsibility network, conduct strict implementation, comprehensive provide contest service as well as provide strong organizational guarantee for the contest successfully held. In the meanwhile, District resort area improves field hardware based on high standard, reconstructs Joy Sea Business Hotel configured with 56 high-end guest rooms and 1 international dining room which provides plays at home and abroad with refined and diverse services. In addition, in the stage of contest preparation, green channel is opened for international players. All staff from exit-entry administration division of public security subbureau of the District directly handle temporary check-in procedure at the hotel where players to ensure international players successfully check in for participating in the contest. 

Good work style provides guarantee for the contest. For the purpose of building international kitesurfing contest brand, Party committee of resort area adheres to the policy idea of Party members and cadres being "lamps" and Party organization being "a flag", leads the team to lay a foundation, pays attention to the team for development, takes contest as the battle position for tempering cadre style and establishes Party member volunteer service team in the field of kitesurfing contest. Party member volunteers are brave to take their responsibility and willing to carry out dedication, conduct solidarity and cooperation as well as close coordination, fail to cower in face of difficulty, dare to "fight" at the moment of truth, successfully complete various work and ensures "the situation is found timely and the problem is solved timely". During the period of 2017 World Kitesurfing Racing Championship as well as the 9th China Weifang Binhai International Kitesurfing Invitational Tournament, for the purpose of ensuring the opening ceremony is smoothly held, 4 staff from management service center of resort area are on duty by turns, fight bravely for consecutive 9 days and nights, and comprehensively complete arrangement and coordination and spot dispatch. Staff from alliance work office of the District lead 20 volunteers of airport pickup temporarily recruited who are divided into four groups (each group: five members) to carry out 24-hour "seamless" engagement and arrangement of international athletes in Qingdao and Jinan international airports. Working overtime to wee hours becomes the ordinary state and contest going with a swing is fully guaranteed. 

Focusing on the culture and creating the brand. Relying on local superior resources, our District spares no effort to build Binhai International Kitesurfing Base Brand, perfectly combines traditional kite culture of Weifang with blue elements of the sea and modern sports element and builds kitesurfing contest into the bridge for communicating with the world, international beautiful card for Binhai opening and development. Binhai International Kitesurfing Sports Base has developed into domestic well-known high-level kitesurfing sports base ranking first in Shandong Province. Meanwhile, our District also fully exerts the role of media publicity, takes the initiative to connect and actively invites a batch of domestic top media such as CCTV, xinhuanet.com, ifeng.com and chinanews.com to notice and advertise, effectively improving popularity and influence of Binhai tourism and greatly accelerating construction of cultural Binhai. 


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