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Binhai Culture Popularized in China——Sidelights of Our District Building Culture Binhai Based on Multiplex Fusion




"Culture is the bloodline and spiritual home for inheritance and development of one nationality." Building high cultural self-consciousness and cultural confidence is necessary foundation for one nationality and one country becoming mature and developing. In recent years, especially as of this year, our District finds accurate foothold of cultural confidence, continuously forges vitality of cultural confidence and excavates cultural potential as well as actively inherits, carries forward and penetrates Binhai fishing and salt culture, marine culture, tourism culture, red culture and mass culture into each corner of the city at the same time. Eye-catching achievements and dazzling aura arise. 

Distinctive Culture and Multiplex Fusion

Binhai is located in Bohai Bay and profound marine culture is accumulated after fishing for generations. In recent years, relying on rich marine resources and profound cultural resources, Binhai deeply excavates rich heritage of kite culture, fishing salt culture and marine culture, puts forth effort to promote soft power of Binhai tourist culture and realizes integrative development of culture industry and cultural tourism. 

Based on profound fishing salt culture, our District strives to develop fishing salt culture tourism industry, actively builds folk festivals and activities into folk culture brand and gives new meanings to Beihai folk-customs-"sea worship festival" and "Dragon Heads-raising Day" fishing salt folk customs and culture festival inherited for a long time and present them to the public. Beihai folk-custom-sea worship festival is listed as one of 44 important cultural activities during the period of Spring Festival in Weifang City in 2016, is listed as important project of "176" action of "brand Weifang" construction in 2017 and now has been included into the recommendation list of protection projects of non-material cultural heritage in Weifang. On the 2nd day of Feb. of lunar year, salt people and fishermen from surrounding area of Weifang as well as Weifang and Binhai people get together, beat gongs and sound drums to worship "Dragon King" and "salt god" and implement many folk culture activities such as lion dance and dragon dance, Yangko and land boat, presenting prosperity scene of marine cultural heritage, injecting historical massiness and humanistic feelings to Binhai tourism development and building distinctive fishing salt tourism brand. 

In the meanwhile, our District takes marine culture as base point, accelerates transformation, adjustment and innovation, accelerates construction of Bailang River leisure sightseeing corridor, hot spring resort, ecological garden residence, marina and inland river beach in light of new development idea of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing as well as on the basis of Bailang River ecological axis and superior resources of gold coast line, actively constructs tourism industry system based on multiple formats and boosts spanning development of tourism culture industry by means of kite culture. The journalist learns about our District has successfully held Weifang Binhai international kitesurfing invitational tournament for nine time since the first Chinese Weifang Binhai international kitesurfing invitational tournament was held in 2011 which is upgraded to world championship as of 2016 on this basis and whose event popularity and influence are continuously improved and it becomes one of kitesurfing events which are the most influential in China now. And continuous several Weifang international kite festivals are successfully held in our District which further promotes deep integration between Binhai tourism and kite culture, marine element and modern sports element and solidifies the determination of Binhai building coastal blue industral belt in the north of Weifang, Binhai characteristic town belt as well as Binhai scenery tourist zone with diversified tourism culture brand shown by Binhai. 

Public Culture and Serving the Public

It's necessary to strengthen cultural development, promote equalization of public culture service and put forth effort to get through "the last one mile" benefiting people with culture. In recent years, public culture system construction is continuously propelled, and the masses can enjoy great achievements of urban development and public culture construction in the doorway. 
Carrot and Stick Our District combines family tradition series activities, civilization construction and engineering of four virtues, develops and expands socialist core values, further carries forward good Binhai family traditional culture, exerts leading role of models by various cultural activities and creates strong cultural atmosphere which are welcome and affirmed by the masses. Wang Guijie introduces that from this year, our District insists on normalized organization of mass cultural activities, leads folk literature and art society and association to organize and carry out collection of folk songs and creation activity, conducts classics reading, popularization of sinology, rural tour and spontaneous cultural activities of the masses for more than 150 times with projection of more than 600 rural digital movies, deeply boosts theme creation activity of "family tradition, folk custom and village culture", carries forward the theme, inherits good traditions, further enrich people life and facilitates grass-roots culture service by Spring Festival party for the masses, concert of "voices of the future", mass art festival of "accelerating blue spanning and singing charming Binhai", performance of grass-roots literature and art based on "one drama for one village" and other cultural activities extensively participated by the masses. Wang Guijie said:" it's necessary to make common people read good books and dance elegantly as well as influence life and improve inner quality of life with culture and construction of the public service system of culture still remains a daunting task under the thick atmosphere of the whole District welcoming the 19th National Congress of CPC." 


Red Culture and Gathering Strength
It's necessary to inherit red culture and sustainably hand down precious spiritual wealth created by Binhai People in the age of revolutionary war. In recent years, rescuing and excavating red history become urgent affairs of Binhai people. Flames of War in Binhai reveals abundant red culture in Shouwei base area and becomes the reading material for our District carrying out education in patriotism and revolutionary traditional education; Red Qilizhuang and Mishui Holy Land Red Star Shines reflect the hero story regarding revolution sages from Qilizhuang Village, Dajiawa Street and Nanchen Village joining battle before. Red culture with party spirit effulgence becomes strong intellectual impetus for Binhai Development. 
During the period of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Weifang Binhai was once one of main battlefields in Shandong and is an important constituent part of famous red 'Bohai Sea Corridor', core command area of Qingdong base area, Shouwei County and Changwei County as well as rear area for battle of Changwei independent regiment and Qingdong Army subarea. Although now revolution years when a cloud of smoke floated over the battlefield went far away, rich historical connotation and important value of times from revolution culture are everlasting. Qilizhuang Village party branch secretary-Wang Hongqiang said: "During the period of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Qilizhuang Village was the important base area for Resistance against Japan in surrounding area. Several persons from 31 households of our village joined the army and joined battle and there are at most 4 persons from one household joined the army with 17 revolutionary martyrs arising. Qilizhuang Village is the village with the most martyrs on Dajiawa Street. Now there are 38 martyrs registered during different periods, as a result, strong red gene and thick revolutionary atmosphere of Qilizhuang Village are shown. And many persons sacrificed when they were young and some of them died in foreign lands, so we must remember and strive to fully excavate historical materials and restore real spiritual outlook of Qilizhuang Villagers during the War of Resistance Against Japan" Nanchen Village next to Qilizhuang Village also has a long revolutionary history where a batch of revolution honest patriots arose in the turbulent times from the Revolution of 1911 to the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea. Nanchen Village party branch secretary-Sun Zhichun said:" insisting on cultural party building guidance as well as trimming and collecting village red revolution history are part of Nanchen Village "branch of CPC and village committee" and extensive Party members deepening learning and education of "learning Party constitution and Party rules as well as series of speeches as well as being qualified Party member", we will also further carry out red revolution education on this basis and take Mishui Holy Land Red Star Shines as self-designed teaching material applied to learning of 57 Party members and collective education of villagers in the village." Sun Zhichun said: "we tidy data sheets of 15 Nanchen Village party branch secretaries since 1938 and vividly present change and development of Nanchen Village in the red history for the purpose of further implementing grass-roots party construction. 
Massive red culture inside information opens the door for Binhai people knowing about revolutionary history. Binhai Qingdong red history research center rises in response to the proper time and conditions which harmers at excavating and trimming stories about people with lofty ideals in Binhai in the last hundred years, restores Binhai anti-japanese revolutionary history and makes vivid hero story become the source of power for later generations advancing bravely. Municipal red culture research society establishes a branch in Binhai so as to accelerate excavation and protection of Binhai red culture resources, actively cultivate "red culture education base" and "red culture creation base" according to construction requirements of "famous cultural city" in Weifang, strengthen the development of Binhai red culture resources, actively gather positive development energy for construction of "four cities" in Binhai, interpret culture force with action and gather spirit spearhead with history. The son of Qinghe special secretary, Jing Xiaocun-Jing Donghai during the War of Resistance Against Japan has the feeling that red culture is valuable education wealth for modern society after visiting several descendants of revolution sages in Binhai. Walk up to Binhai and feel massiness of red culture; Live in Binhai and comprehend true meaning of revolutionary spirit. More and more people start to pay attention to the history and fix their eyes on Binhai mind and elegance of keeping going. Binhai red culture injects tenacity to Binhai urban construction just like tricklet and tamps spiritual energy for Binhai development just like monolith. 
Culture construction is just like life root and breeds city essence of Binhai in the river of long history. Nowadays when high-speed development of economy exists, culture converges socialist core system construction and leads improvement of Binhai people's moral quality and enriching of Binhai people's spiritual life as social common understanding and social ideological trend. Binhai people tell solidifying cultural confidence and cultural self-consciousness as well as building cultural Binhai with cultural force to the world with action! 


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