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Field Observations Regarding Final Match in Shandong Competition Area of The 13th China Super Model Contest




The waves ran high and the gold sand is as soft as silk floss. Unique landscape happens to Joy Sea performance plaza in Oct. On Oct. 28, and final match in Shandong competition area of the 13th China Super model contest and the first Weifang Binhai tourism image ambassador selective trial are formally commenced on Joy Sea beach. A grand fashion party comes at the appointed time, meets beauty unexpectedly and is accompanied by youth. Nearly 100 models bring a wonderful visual feast to everyone on the gold beach, attracting many tourists to watch. 

Before commencement of the activity, the journalist sees charm and elegant demeanors of Binhai-maritime city as well as excellent performance of young model are continuously displayed in the giant LED display screen, all spectator seats are occupied by the audiences who are patently waiting for models' excellent performance. At 2:00 p.m. of that very day, with combination of songs, model's performance formally starts and field audience is deeply attracted by models' wonderful show. Cheers and squeal continuously arise and the atmosphere is unusually hot. 

The contest sets swimsuit show, evening dress show and other competing links as well as also invites sanguine and lovely child models to give excellent fashion shows, making the field audience glut their eyes. After nervous and fierce competition, all awards of Final Match in Shandong Competition Area of China Super Model Contest and the First Weifang Binhai Tourism Image Ambassador Selective Trial are determined with champion, silver medal winner and third winner in contest decided. Big model team champion is won by Zhang Zhe from Taian Tianyi Model Training Center, Lliu Chenxue from Weifang Yiyi Art Education and Training School wins the champion of small model team and Liu Ruihua from Weifang Yiyi Art Education and Training School becomes the Binhai tourism image ambassador. 

After the interview, the journalist knows that China super model contest is the best, the most authoritative and the most professional fashion show contest in China which represents the highest level of Chinese competitors and now becomes the important bridge for China's excellent professional models becoming Asian and world's super model. The contest is subject to exclusive sponsorship of Shandong Qingzhou Yunmen Liquor Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., sponsored by China Fashion Association Model Committee, Dongfang Binli Cultural Medium Co., Ltd. and Weifang Binhai Tourism Group and undertaken by Weifang Yiyi Art Education and Training School with Weifang Longtai Food Co., Ltd. serving as co-organizer as well as wins strong support from Lanyue International Wedding Photo Studio. 

Meet beauty unexpectedly and fight for dream. The competition is themed as "shining golden autumn and showing your beauty and youth", advocates combination of youth, fashion and speciality. China super model contest takes "selection and cultivation of the best professional models in China and pushing them to Asian and world's markets" as the tenet and shows young women's healthy and positive spirituality and young blood by super model contest. 

After the contest, the journalist sees the Binhai tourism image ambassador-Liu Ruihua who is only 17 years old and has loved model show since childhood. Liu Ruihua earnestly said that “I feel very honored to be Binhai tourism image ambassador, and I will be worthy of the title-Binhai tourism image ambassador, propagandize and popularize Binhai-beautiful city with my own beauty and make more people know about Binhai and love Binhai.” 

The super model contest is held at the time the first Weifang Binhai international equestrian cultural festival. Fine horses gallop and there are lots of beauties, bringing different passion and romance to Weifang Binhai in Oct. Cooperation between Binhai and China super model contest adds beautiful color to Binhai, further enriches Binhai tourist culture, promotes Binhai cultural tourism career to be booming and injects new vitality and vigor for building "famous culture city" brand of Binhai as well as accelerating construction of "cultural Binhai" and "dynamic Binhai". 


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