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The Delegation of the Group Attends the 35th Weifang Kite Game of Weifang International Kite Festival




On Apr. 14, the 35th Weifang Kite Game of Weifang International Kite Festival is held in Fuyan Mountain international kite flying field, deputy director of the municipal Standing Committee of the National People's Congress-Mao Xiufeng announces inauguration of the game and Weifang Binhai Tourism Group forms a team to take part in the game. 

The delegation of the Group takes part in the kite game with innovative kite-"Trachinoid Binhai" and giant kites-"Octopus" and "Azure Dragon Going to Sea". Kites of the Group used to participate in the game are designed and made by international kite master and Weifang kite star-Ma Qinghua as well as schemed and directed by Weifang kite expert-Cui Yongli. "Trachinoid Binhai" kite is composed by megalosaurus kite and two sea horse pendants, meaning "the Vigour of a Dragon or Horse" and 20m long and the dragon head is 1.3m wide. The kite is with collocation of five colors and vivid styling and produces good flying effects after improvement for many times whose bundling technology, inlet air principle and modeling composition arise for the first in China. The octopus kite is 50m long and 6m wide and covers an area of about 300m2. The kite is simple and flexible with soft modeling and only 3 threads, changing the previous situation of octopus kite with many threads as well as easy thread chaos and penetration. Azure dragon going to sea kite is of boa constrictor styling and 130m long as well as covers an area of 330m2. The kite can accomplish hotdogging such as up and down subduction at the time of flying on account of technical innovation. In the flying process, the Group's kites are bright in color with appealing design as well as attract many citizens to watch. 

Weifang kite game is the traditional kite game sponsored by People's Government of Weifang City, is one of key activities of all previous Weifang international kite festivals and represents Weifang kite bundle innovation as well as the highest level of flying competition. At the Weifang kite game, category and quality of kites participating in the game are obviously improved and there are 108 teams participating in the contest, increasing by 7 teams in comparison to last game; there are 1352 kites participating in the game, increasing by 296 kites in comparison to last game; There are 57 foreign kite flying teams participating in the kite game with international participation and influence of the kite game further improved. The kite game held makes more citizens and tourists from various regions feel Weifang kite culture. The kite is used to make more people know about Weifang and enter Weifang as well as promote the development of Weifang economy and tourism. 


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