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Building "Flying Platform" Day and Night as Well as Helping Grand Gathering to Commence Based on Unity Being Strength




The Group Accomplishes Various Tasks Regarding the Kite Festival Based on High Efficiency and High Standard 

Colorful kites fly in the sky and thousands of people gather for the great event On Apr. 21, the 35th Weifang International Kite Festival as well as the 14th world's kite tournament and kite flying performance highly anticipated were successfully held in the 1,000mu kite flying field in Binhai District. As one of the organizers for the kite festival, Tourism Group pays high attention to and carries out careful deployment and implementation of tasks in strict accordance with deployment requirements of the district party working committee and management committee, accelerates construction of supporting project for kite flying field based on the spirit of seizing every minute and the will of overcoming difficulties and builds the "flying platform"; Tourism Group tries desperately to complete service work at the meeting place based on overall arrangement of manpower and material resources; Tourism Group comprehensively guarantees the quality of meeting place and accomplishes various tasks of the kite festival based on high quality and high level. 

Paying High Attention as Well as Careful Deployment and Implementation of Tasks

Compared with former years, the kite festival has bigger scale and higher requirements against field facilities. The Group knows heavy burden on the shoulder and tight task very well as well as holds the preliminary meeting for kite festival and establishes the guarantee team for kite festival to research and discuss the scheme immediately after receiving the notice requirements of the undertaking of kite festival in Feb. of this year, holds dispatching meeting and the meeting for division of labor for more than once, arranges and deploys specific work of the event, formulates detailed task decomposition scheme for "providing high-quality service and presenting the image of Binhai District" and decomposes various tasks to specific department and individual. The construction company is in charge of construction of viewing stand of kite flying field, paving and maintenance of subsequent lawn and construction of auxiliary projects such as temporary parking lot. Beach company takes charge of completing construction of temporary tent, toilet and other venue service facilities. Before commencement of the grand gathering, related departments of the Group and several subsidiaries such as office of the party and the masses, conference reception center, catering company and Bailang River Scenic Spot pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone to fully complete on-site service work in line with task arrangement. 

Efficiently Building "Kite Flying Platform" Day and Night 

For the purpose of undertaking the kite festival based on high quality and high level, the Group invites Italian famous design to conduct optimization design for related supporting facilities such as rostrum and seats of kite flying field in the construction of supporting project of kite flying field based on building of international excellent kite flying field as the target and in accordance with international fashion design philosophy. After confirmation of the design scheme, the project department shall immediately convene special scheduling meeting as well as carry out comprehensive arrangement and detailed division of labor due to tight schedule, short of construction personnel and other difficulties; Relevant responsible persons shall stick to frontline research and settlement of problems and propose working concepts concerning parallel and vertical crossing operation of main construction and refined decoration. Project management personnel "race with" the time and call up construction personnel to enter the site on the 5th day of the first month of the lunar year, implement 24-hour construction based on the "target" of one day used as two days and formulate detailed logistical support scheme at the same time. Other project departments provide office and accommodation places for construction site, construction personnel's room and board arise at the construction site and construction personnel work against the clock day and night and comprehensively promote construction of supporting projects. After fight bravely and together for more than 40 days, project personnel complete construction of the main work of viewing stand on schedule and build 4,712m2 stage seats, reception office, locker room, public lavatory and other supporting facilities; they installed 2,097 seats at the viewing stand; they complete paving, cutting, leveling and maintenance of main lawn for kite flying field. Project manager-Xu Gang said: "considering the festival has bigger scale in comparison to former years with more vehicle parked, the construction company specially opens up about 200,000m2 temporary parking lot where 12,000 vehicles can be parked on the west side of the kite flying field for the sake of fully guaranteeing the festival is smoothly held" to the journalist. 

Comprehensive Arrangement Completing Service Work at the Meeting Place 

Vigorously develop voluntary service activities and provide services before the festival. At 8:30am of the 20th day, Party committee of Tourism Group organizes more than 100 volunteers from all departments and ownership company to the kite flying field for quick "trawl" and "carpet" cleaning of kite flying field as well as surrounding spectators stand and parking lot. Bailang River scenic spot, conference reception center and other subsidiaries dispatch more than 20 strong young fellows to convey over 50 desks and over 100 chairs to the kite flying field who complete arrangement of rostrum desks and chairs as well as sofa chair of reception office after lots of efforts. Beach company completes placement of guidance cards at all entrance of the meeting place, construction of hundreds of temporary tents as well as placement of waste bins on the same day. To solve the problem that Joy Sea beach is far away from the kite flying field, Zhoutian International Travel leases more than 50 buses to freely provide tourists with seamless connection bus ferry service and comprehensively facilitate visitors to travel. The Group cooperates with Weifang Commercial College Shandong Province and other colleges and universities, calls nearly 100 student volunteers from colleges and universities to sort out numbers of desk and chairman in the work room of viewing stand who paste seat labels to tens of thousands of movable chairs offstage after struggling all day long. 

All Personnel Dispatched and Making Concerted Effort To Provide the Service in the Meeting Place. On the morning of the 21st day, more than 3 hours prior to commencement of grand gathering, the person in charge of business of conference reception center leads hard working staff of the department to arrive at the kite flying field early, partial of personnel are busy placing blue cloth and table sign on the table of the rostrum and some other personnel are busy washing teacup, cleaning desks and chairs as well as clearing the rubbish in the reception office and toilet of the viewing stand and everyone fastidiously works.  Zhang Kefan from conference reception center said: "serve the kite festival well without carelessness. Our conference reception center personnel come to the meeting place early and everyone works hard together and pays attention to each service detail so as to make leaders and tourists satisfied" to the journalist. In the meanwhile, staff of beach company on the viewing stand quickly lay a carpet on the iron ladder of the stage to fully guarantee performer's convenience and safety. Partial Group leaders on the viewing stand lead thousands of students to take a seat according to the order and arrange personnel to provide students with kites at the same time. The catering company places such food as beverage, alkaline mineral water and steamed buns properly in the tent on the arterial road in the west of the kite flying field. After the grand gathering commences, special vehicle is used to convey fast food in order to fully guarantee tourists and friends' dining requirements. One tourist queuing up to get food said: "company service in the meeting place is really careful. We are the tourists from a far place and too hurried to eat breakfast and now can have a wonderful meal". To help and make the grand gathering wonderful, band members of Blue Fantasy Art Troupe bring several wonderful artistic performances to the audience in the kitesurfing base square of Joy Sea resort area, enriching travel experience of tourists and friends. 

Close Cooperation and Fully Guaranteeing Safety of the Meeting Place 

To fully guarantee the kite festival is smoothly held and strictly preventing occurrence of potential safety hazard, leaders of city and district at all levels supervise safety guarantee work at the scene of kite flying for many times and the Group controls safety for a long time in strict accordance with requirements, insists on the principle of being extremely strict, refined and practical as well as perfect various safety and security measures. One week prior to inauguration of grand gathering, beach company actively coordinates with border police station, fire control, public security bureau, hospital, etc., arranges security assurance in the meeting place, timely purchases safety equipment, conducts reasonable stationing and realizes full coverage of security within the scope of scenic spot. On the date when the grand gathering is inaugurated, beach company sends all security personnel to take charge of on-site command and scheduling in critical positions such as all entrances of the meeting place, parking area and parking lot who spare no effort to carry out convoying for successful holding of the grand gathering. 

From completing construction of "kite flying platform" to accomplishment of each detailed service of meeting place, the Group makes great efforts to make the grand gathering successfully held based on the team spirit of working day and night as well as fighting bravely, doesn't let municipal Party committee, municipal government, district party working committee, management committee and other superior department in charge down, wins good reputation from people from different social stratums, further popularizes Binhai District tourism brand, propagates Weifang kite culture and shows elegant appearance and charm of kite city to many countries in the world as well as many tourists and friends. 


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