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The Binhai Kitesurfing Team of Weifang has Won The Only Entrance Ticket of The Women's Group of The Kitesurfing Project ......




In recent years, the Asian Kitesurfing Qualification Competition of Youth Olympic Games & Asian Youth Championship were held in Thailand Banbury. Weifang Binhai Kitesurfing Team which participated in the competition on behalf of China for the first time won the champion of the Women's Team, the silver medal and the fourth ranking of Men's Team, and won the only entrance ticket of the Women's Group of the Kitesurfing Project of Asian Youth Olympic Games for China. 

In Jan. of this year, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group and Water Sports Management Center of General Administration of Sport of China and Chinese Yachting Association officially reached the Agreement of Joint Construction of the Chinese National Team of Kite Sailboard, and it will take Weifang Blue Fantasy Club Kitesurfing Team as the basis to forge the brand-new Chinese National Team of Kite Sailboard which will represent China to participate in related international competitions. This competition was the first official international competition that the National Team participated after its foundation. 

As a battle of fighting for the only Asian entrance ticket of Youth Olympic Games, this competition attracted high attention of nations such as Thailand, Philippines, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. To prepare for this competition, under the support of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group, the National Team began to carry out team training in Oct. of last year. In Dec., the Team went to South Africa to carry out three months of intensive and targeted training. After special technical and physical training, the competitive level of athletes has been improved greatly. The female and male seeded players are equipped with the strength competing with top Asian contestants. 

In competition, the female players of Chinese team displayed strong competition strength. After five days of 20 rounds of fierce competition, contestant Chen Jingle, won the champion of the Women's Group with absolute advantages and contestant Li Kewen from Weifang won the second place. The Chinese Team successfully won the only entrance ticket of Asian Women's Team of Youth Olympic Games. 

Competition among the Men's Team was also fierce. Contestants form Thailand, Philippine and China took the lead alternatively. On the early and last two days, since the wind is small, the strength of the equipment registered by the China Team was not enough, so the China Team was lagged behind in competition and finally won the second place and the fourth place of the competition with pity. 

In this competition, the kitesurfing from Binhai of Weifang represented the China Team won the only entrance ticket of the Women's Team of the Youth Olympic Games, which played an active promotion role in the development of kitesurfing sport in China and laid a solid foundation and goal for the future training of the whole team for the competition. After completion of the competition, the China Team will carry out high-strength training and prepare for the world qualification competition for the Youth Olympic Games held in May and strive to pass the qualification competition of the Youth Olympic Games, realize the goal of participation of the Women' Team and the Men's Team in the Youth Olympic Games and strive to create better performance in the Youth Olympic Games. 


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