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The commendation conference for summary of 2017 of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group was successfully held




In the afternoon of Feb. 12, commendation conference for summary of 2017 of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group was successfully held in Binhai Urban Art Center. The conference summarized the main work of 2017 and deployed the work of 2018; Commended the advanced groups, excellent management personnel, excellent staff and publicity personnel. Wang Dezhi, the committee member of District Party Working Committee and deputy director of Management Commitment attended the conference and made a speech. Yang Hui, the secretary of CPC and director general of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Management Bureau of Binhai District, Feng Yueling, the secretary of CPC branch and director general of the Tourism Bureau of Binhai District, Sun Shouguo, the secretary of CPC of the Resort Area of Binhai District and Du Yuanjun, the secretary of CPC and president of Weifang Binhai State-owned Assets Investment and Operation Group attended the conference. Zang Chuankui, the secretary of CPC and president of Binhai Tourism Group made a speech. Wu Mingyuan, the general manager gave a working report of 2017. Wang Ning, the deputy secretary of CPC announced the Decision of Commending Advance Groups, Excellent Management Personnel, Excellent Staff and Publicity Personnel. Zhang Hanyou, the president of the Board of Supervisors, Cui Chao, the deputy president of the Board of Supervisors, Ma Xiuhau, the secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission and Xu Wenfeng and Liang Xiaoliang, the deputy general manager attended the conference. More than 300 employee representatives of the Group attended the conference. Fang Dejie, the deputy general manager hosted the conference. 

On the conference, Wu Mingyaun summarized and reviewed the main work of the Group in 2017 in terms of optimizing the industrial layout, and accelerating the entities operating, strengthening team construction, developing capital market, optimizing the internal control system and strengthening the safety supervision. He pointed out that, in 2017, under the correct leadership of the municipal party committee and municipal government, District Party Working Committee and Management Commitment, with joint efforts of all the staff, the Group developed vigorously and has realized all-round development and achievements in many industries. Joy Sea Beach Scenic Spot became the "4A" scenic spot; Sky Wheel Bridge of Bailang River and Wenchang Lake Zhumeng Square became the new business cards of cultural tourism of Binhai; Beihai Hot Spring Resort Hotel has reached a cooperation framework agreement with Starwood Hotels; Joy Sea Fishing Field wins the title of "top ten provincial leisure seal fishing fields"; Chenglin Company reached the academician workstation cooperative agreement with Zhou Chenghu, the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences; The Huayi Brothers Star Theater Project and Weifang Haiyou Film and Television Base Project were introduced; The acquisition work for Zhucheng Longhai aquatic product city is being implemented in order. The scale of "tourism+" development layout became larger. Construction of many key projects of the group is speeded up and the tourism development trend is good. 

Wu Mingyuan expresses that work in 2018 will be implemented under the guidance of the Party construction; Implement operation of light assets, simplify the instructional framework and realize simplified operation; Win the project construction tough battle and complete the supporting services; Strengthen the operation and management and enhance the profitability. 

Zang Chuankui full y confirmed the achievements made in the past years under the correct leadership of the party and committee government at all levels and with the joint efforts of all the staff and showed his sincere gratitude for all the staff. 

He pointed out that, in 2017, the asset scale of the Group increased significantly, the tourism as the main business was strengthened gradually, key projects developed fast and the core competition was strengthened continually. The leadership of the party committee was strengthened further. The party construction work and the production and operation realized mutual promotion and the leading function was strengthened obviously; By virtue of scientific deployment, enhancement of supervision and management, the Group's construction project was implemented smoothly and the key projects have won many times of praise in commendation; All the tourism service entities made efforts to enhance their ability and the service level is improved fast, the tourists market grew rapidly, operation condition was improved continuously. Joy Sea Catering Management Company and Joy Sea Economic Trade Company realized making up deficits and getting surpluses. The kitesurfing competition and international equestrianism and other dozens of major competitions were successfully held, increasing the popularity of Binhai and Improving the publicity and reputation of the Group. Financial lease business made new progress, risk control and management was stable and in order. Operation benefits of the insurance claim company and financing and lease company realized the best level and the financing work was implemented stably. The first staff representative conference was held. Major matters cared by most staff were passed by voting and staff had more sense of belonging. 

He said that although many achievements has been made, it should be clearly noticed that there were many objective problems, such as that the Goup's operational revenue growth was slow, individual projects were delayed, cost control had vulnerability, the strategic management system needed to be perfected, the performance management system was not sound, complete parent company-subsidiary company management and control mode has not been equipped, there were not differential management and control means, some management personnel lacked the enterprising spirit, etc. 

He emphasized that in 2018, the strategic planning should be made, improvement should be made fast and three aspects of work should be made. I. Strengthen the leadership of Party and assume social responsibilities. Put Party construction as the key work of the whole plan, speed up and promote construction of Party construction demonstration position, actively exert the model role of Party members and cadres in production and operation. The upper level should lead the lower level to lead the staff overcome difficulties, fight for excellence and create advance and speed up development. II. Implement light assets operation and strengthen the tourism industry as a main business and make it excellent. Expand chain operation, output management and cultivate profit growth point; implement simplification plan, combine subsidiaries whose main business is not conflicted and which lack competition; deepen internal control management and performance assessment system, normalize enterprise operation and improve management level; speed up construction of key projects and financing work; hold major festivals and conferences and strengthen the enterprise cultural construction; strictly strengthen compilation management, strengthen talent cultivation and improve work efficiency. III. Enhance confidence and tackle difficulties. The Group will seize the opportunity of great development of tourism, actively plan the comprehensive development of business circles near the tourism project while speeding up development of the tourism project, activate the quality assets and strengthen the main business based on the operation mode of "tourism + assets + real" estate to realize sustainable, healthy development and virtuous circling. 

Finally, Wang Dezhi, committee member of District Party Working Committee and deputy director of Management Commitment made an important speech. Firstly, he, on behalf of the District Party Working Committee and Management Commitment, congratulated Tourism Group for its performance made in the last year and the advanced groups and individuals commanded. He said that the performance is based on the solidarity and cooperation and efforts of leaders of Tourism Group, hard work of all the staff as well as the correct leadership and forceful supports of District Party Working Committee and Management Commitment. 

He gave three points of suggestions for the work of the Group in 2018. I. Take construction of the national 5A tourism scenic spot as the goal. Tourism Group should seize the golden opportunity of developing cultural tourism industry of Binhai District, take the advantages to make achievements, forge the belt from Bailang River to Joy Sea including Wenchang Lake into a tourism sighting belt, speed up complete construction of recreation facilities of surrounding area and strive to build it into a national 5A tourism scenic spot. II. Strengthen the management of investment and financing. We hope that related business departments and companies of the Group can assume the task, fully exert the advantages of the team and the profession and implement multi-channel financing to guarantee sustainable and stable development of all kinds of undertaking. III. Strengthen internal management of enterprises to ensure healthy operation of enterprise. Take establishment of Discipline Inspection Commission and the new session of Board of Supervisors as the opportunity, further deepen management, carry out scientific planning, pay attention to political affairs, take the overall situation into account, carry out work under the leading of Party construction and continuously improve the brand and comprehensive strength of the enterprise. 

To call on staff take advanced personnel as examples, create pacemakers based on pacemakers, be based on duties, work hard, strive to make achievements and make more contributions to development of tourism of Binhai, and integrate actual operation situation of the Group, 16 advanced groups, 40 excellent management persons, 95 excellent staff and 12 excellent publicity persons have been selected and were given prizes by the leaders of Binhai District and the Group. Wang Jianjun and Wang Shumei, representatives of staff made a speech on the stage, expressed their gratitude for leaders and colleagues and showed their sincere wishes for the Group and said that they would keep working hard to realize individual values and return the Group with actual actions. 

After the conference, the Group organized members on the conference to visit lively, peaceful and colorful staff art performance. 


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