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Weifang Binhai Tourism Group held "Learning Lei Feng Month" Series Activities and Made Remarkable Achievements




In Binhai of March, the spring is in the air and the sea breeze stroke faces. To further inherit and carry forward the spirits of Lei Feng, practice the socialist core values, boost spiritual civilization construction of the whole district and assume the social responsibilities as an enterprise, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group specifies March as the "Learning Lei Feng Month" to carry out series of public service activities with rich contents, diversified modes and effects to practice the spirits of Lei Feng with actual actions and transmit positive social energy. 

"Care for The Nature and Protect the Environment" to Boost Construction of The Beautiful Binhai 

During the activity of "Learning Lei Feng Month", Tourism Group organized over 100 employees to participate in the Learning Lei Feng volunteer service activity with the theme of "caring for the nature and protecting the environment". They picked up litters along with the Bailang River and roads and the purification of fairness Binhai was made by their actual actions. 

Employees of the Group picked up the plastic bags, cigarette ends, paper scraps and other household litters and clean the gravels along the shoreside and the tree branches on the road with prepared tools such as garbage bags, brooms and clamps. During the cleaning process, one staff said with feeling that: "Everyone should set up the environmental protection awareness, call on wide tourists to protect the ecological environment, do not throw litters carelessly and protect our beautiful Binhai with the actual actions." 

"Carried Out the Civilized Tourism in Campus Activity" to Boost Civilized Binhai

To set up the civilized tourism awareness, popularize the civilized tourism knowledge, Wenchang Lake Zhumeng Square, the subsidiary of Tourism Group, took the opportunity of beginning of the term of all higher schools to deeply "carried out the civilized tourism in campus activity" in higher schools of Binhai District. 

Wearing the ribbon, staff of the Group warmly distributed civilized tourism advocation and publicity materials to students. The distinctive civilized tourism posters and various civilized tourism advertising products attracted attention of many students from higher schools. A student whose last name is Liu told the journalist that "this is the first time that I have been Binhai. I will study and live here for a long time. I just come here and I feel it is so beautiful. From the interpretation of the volunteers I know that there are many tourism projects here. In the future study and life, I will carefully abide by the civilization rules and strive to be a practitioner of civilized tourism." 

"Carried Out the Activity of Voluntary Interpretation and Benefiting People with Cultures" to Boost Construction Of Cultural Binhai

To make more tourists know Binhai, during the Learning Lei Feng Month, the volunteer service activities of "Carried out the activity of voluntary interpretation and benefiting people with cultures" was held in the Binhai Urban Art Center. In fixed four time periods every day, the interpreters interpret for the citizens as tourist voluntarily and guided people visit the exhibition area of the Art Center for free to publicize the history of Binhai, the fishing and salt cultural knowledge to make people enrich their knowledge and edify sentiments and feel the charm of blue Binhai. 

During the activity, many parents with children were attracted here by its reputation. People said that this time of tourism in Binhai was eye-opening. From the vivid introduction of interpreters, people could feel the charm of fishing and salt culture of Binhai. It is amazing that Binhai has become a New Area from the original salt marsh. 

Carried Out the Activity of "Behavior with Etiquette" Public Chinese Ancient Civilization Lecturing to Boost Binhai with Etiquette 

To carry forward the traditional virtue of China, the Group used the New Concept Book City Platform of Wenchang Lake Zhumeng Square to initially carry out the voluntary service activity of "Behavior with Etiquette" Public Chinese Ancient Civilization Lecturing to voluntarily popularize traditional etiquette and traditional Chinese culture for children and tourists, create the learning atmosphere with harmony relation between parents and children, advocating virtues, civilization and making progress and lead the public to be close to classics, carry forward the classics and practice cultural confidence. 

During the activity, with the company of their parents, children dressed Han Chinese clothing and studied traditional Chinese civilization classics. Teachers taught children traditional Chinese civilization knowledge such as classic chants and traditional cultures with humor and vivid teaching methods to teach children abide by the civilized etiquette codes. A parent on site said that "this activity impresses me. I have recognized the meaning of traditional education and my child has learnt the traditional Chinese civilization deeply. As a parent, I have been always thinking that it is necessary to learn the traditional Chinese culture, so we positively applied for participating in this activity at the first time." 


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