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Weifang Binhai Tourism Group has been Selected to the Academician Workstation List of Shandong Province




A few days ago, Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province published the application for record of the academician workstation handled in the fourth quarter of 2017. Zhou Chenghu Academician Workstation of Chinese Academy of Sciences of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group became one of the 67 workstations of Shandong Province newly approved and on the list. 

The announcement says that, according to the Interim Measures for Record of Academician Workstation of Shandong Province (LKZ [2016] No. 102), the Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province carefully reviewed the application for record of academician workstation handled in the fourth quarter of 2017 and published the planned record list. There is no objection during the public notice period and this is in conformity with the standard, so the workstation is formally approved. 

To accelerate the development of the garden greening industry of the Group, highlight the alkali-resistant plant technology advantages, accelerate the transformation and development of industry, the Group has actively communicated with Zhou Chenghu, the academician of CAS and has concluded the cooperation agreement in Oct. 2017. After the location of the academician workstation, the Group will focus on the development of the marine industry of Binhai, carry out close cooperation with academician Zhou Chenghu in terms of marine resources and environment, ecological restoration, saline-alkali land green development, marine industry and landscaping, shorten the time from the laboratory to the market, further promote integration of Industry-University-Research, promote transfer of knowledge and technology and conversion of scientific achievements, speed up development and protection of the marine industry and marine resources and boost economic development of Binhai.


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