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Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Has Smoothly Passed the Reexamination for Provincial Civilized Unit of 2017




Recently, Shandong Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee issued the Resolution for Commending Provincial Civilized Village and Town, Civilized Unit and Civilized Community of 2017 by Naming and conferred the title of “2017 Provincial Civilized Unit with Qualified Recheck on Weifang Binhai Tourism Group”. This honor is the full recognition for the spiritual civilization construction work in the past one year and the forceful support for the implementation of the following work. 

Since its establishment, the Group has always been implementing spiritual civilization construction as important work, has established the leadership group for the construction work, built up the long-term mechanism, and has formed the construction system with planning, goal and measures. In 2017, the Group carefully implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, deeply studied and implemented the Socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new times of Xi Jinping, took cultivation and implementation of socialist core values as the basis, emancipated minds, sought truth from facts, advanced with the times, been realistic and pragmatic, made solid progress in the spiritual civilization construction activities, made efforts to improve the moral quality of all the staff and the social civilization degree closely centering on the central work of the municipal party committee, municipal government, district party working committee and management committee and has made new progress and new breakthrough of all work. 

The Group strictly abides by the requirements for the provincial civilized unit, mobilizes all the staff and spares no efforts to actively implement various civilization construction activities and volunteer work, utilizes the electronic screen, bulletin board, window, magazine of the Group, website, WeChat and other platforms and has created a profound advertising atmosphere; The Group regularly organizes staff activities such as competition, cross-rally and painting and calligraphy competition to enrich the sparetime life of the staff, strengthen communication among them, by which the group cohesiveness and working enthusiasm has been improved effectively; On the basis of being a sponsor and organizer of international competitions such as Weifang International Kite Conference, Kite Surfing World Championship and World Carnival, the Group continues to take advantages and make efforts and has jointly organized the cycling competition, model contest, the 1st Binhai International Equestrian Cultural Festival in Weifang and other major competitions on the beach of the Joy Sea. The overall environment and service level of the scenic spot have been significantly improved, which is praised by all walks of life. The scenic spot has received tourists of 2.6 million person times in the whole year. The beach of Joy Sea is rated as the “Fairy Coast” cultural tourism destination brand of Shandong Province and has successfully been rated as the AAAA tourism scenic area.

In the next step, the Group will adhere to the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee centering on Xi Jinping, stay true to the mission, keep the mission in mind, cherish honors, make persistent efforts, always keep the vigor and vitality of civilization construction and continually improve the level of spiritual civilization construction. Moreover, we will further implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, take the Socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new times of Xi Jinping as the guidance, firmly set up the political awareness, the general situation consciousness, core awareness and the consciousness awareness, be confident in our path, in our theory and in our system as well as our culture, actively cultivate and practice the socialist core values, carefully study and introduce experiences of civilized units, continually implement the spiritual civilization construction activity steadily centering on the central work of the Group and promote fast, healthy and stable development of the Group to assist construction of “Four Binhai” and “Four Cities” of Weifang and make the construction wonderful. 


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