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Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Formally Signed to Build up the Chinese National Team of Kite Sailboard




On Jan. 18, the water sports management center of General Administration of Sport of China, Chinese Yachting Association and Weifang Binhai Tourism Group reached the agreement in Beijing formally to jointly build up the Chinese National Team of Kite Sailboard. This marked that kitesurfing sport has been formally included in the national competitive sports training system, having significant meaning for normalized development of kitesurfing in China in the future. 

After signing the agreement, Chinese Yachting Association and Weifang Binhai Tourism Group will take Weifang Blue Fantasy Kitesurfing Club as the basis to forge Chinese National Team of Kite Sailboard to spare no efforts to prepare for major competitions such as the qualifying game of the Youth Olympic Games, Kitesurfing World Championship, Argentina Youth Olympic Games and will represent China to participate in other important international kitesurfing competitions. 

Qiao Yunping, the deputy director general of Shandong Administration of Sports attended the conference and said that Shandong Administration of Sports would fully support the construction of Chinese National Team of Kite Sailboard and would give forceful supports and helps in all aspects such as training, participation in competitions and development of the National Team to boost the fast and comprehensive development of the Chinese National Team of Kite Sailboard. 

Binhai District is a place in China where the kitesurfing is carried out and the kitesurfing competition is held at the earliest time. Binhai District has successively held nine sessions of world top international kitesurfing competitions and each session of competition attracted many kitesurfing enthusiasts at home and abroad to participate. The popularity and influence of the competition has been improving year by year and kitesurfing completions have become one of the influential kitesurfing competitions of China. In 2016, Weifang Binhai kitesurfing competition became the world kitesurfing racing championship; In 2017, Two-way Sailboard Racing (the Youth Olympic Team) Competition was added on the basis of water wing racing competition and two-way sailboard racing competition. As the test preparation competition of Kitesurfing Project of 2018 Youth Olympic Games, the internationalization, professionality and branding of the competition reached a new level. 

Under the forceful support of the Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, District Party Working Committee and Management Commitment, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group continuously increases the promotion force of kitesurfing sport. In 2016, the Group invested and founded the Weifang Blue Fantasy Kitesurfing Club, invited top domestic and world coaches and famous professional agent of kitesurfing to join the Club and reached an agreement with the top domestic athletes. Located in Joy Sea Beach, the AAAA national scenic spot, the Club covers an area of over 1,000m2 and is equipped with international advanced facilities including kitesurfing teaching training, sport exhibition and safety aid. It is a professional kitesurfing club with the best hardware conditions in the world presently. By virtue of scientific training and long-term overseas team training, the Club continuously enhances technical communication with the strong international kitesurfing teams and has made many achievements in various competitions. Chen Jingle, a female player of the Club has won the Asian Women's Champion for successive three years. At present, her two-way sailboard racing point ranking is the number one in the world. Many male players' water wing sailboard performance ranks in the front in Asia. 

Weifang Binhai Tourism Group will take foundation of Chinese National Team of Kite Sailboard as the opportunity to further implement the decision deployment of the Municipal Committee, Municipal Government and District Party Working Committee and Management Commitment, steadily promote construction of tourism projects, complete tourism service supporting facilities, keep improving the popularity of Binhai District by virtue of the influence of world-class competitions to make the world know Binhai and let Binhai be internationalized. While keeping conversion of the old energy and the new energy, the Group will actively promote integrated development of kite culture and marine culture, actively forge the "coastal city" brand and forcefully boost construction and development of "Four Binhai" and "Four Cities" of Weifang. 


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