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The 36th Weifang International Kite Festival Kicked off Grandly on Binhai International Kite Flying Square!




The Spring breeze the faces gently and colorful kites competed with each other to try to fly higher. On Apr. 20, the 36th Weifang International Kite Festival kicked off grandly on Weifang Binhai International Kite Flying Square. Kite enthusiasts and guests from all walks of life at home and abroad gathered together in Weifang City (the World Capital of Kite) to fly their dreams and seek common development. Liu Peng, the Honorary Chairman of Chinese Olympic Committee and the former head of the General Administration of Sport of China, announced the opening of the Festival. Sun Jiye, the Deputy Governor of Shandong Province, and Hui Xin'an, the Secretary of Weifang Municipal Party Committee and the Director of the Standing Committee of Weifang Municipal People's Congress delivered a speech respectively. Tian Qingying, the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and the Mayor chaired the Festival; Municipal leaders such as Su Like, Zhang Xiaofeng, Sun Mingliang, Wang Shuhua and Fan Fusheng attended the Festival. Binhai District Leader Zhang Hengdao and some members of Binhai Party Working Committee and Binhai Management Committee attended the Festival. 
The theme of this session of kite festival was "brace the world, share the blue sky and fly your dream". Three majors of 30 activities were arranged. Except for traditional projects such as the Opening Ceremony & Mass Kite Flying Performance and the 15th World Kite Championship, some popular programs were performed on Binhai International Kite Flying Square such as the Chinese and Foreign Ethnic Song and Dance Performance, AOPO Aviation Carnival, China Intangible Cultural Heritage & Kite Image Ambassador Float Parade, International Circus Carnival, Extreme Motorbike Leap Stunt Show, etc. 
It is crowded on the mass kite flying performance site. Along with the warm Spring breeze, colorful kites compete with each other in the sky, presenting a wonderful show for wide citizens. According to information, this session of kite festival attracted kite masters from 65 countries and regions such as China, US, French, South Africa, etc., making a new record with the most countries and athletes participating in it.


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