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The 15th World Kite Championship Was Successfully Closed on Binhai International Kite Flying Square




In the Spring breeze, blossoms were everywhere, colorful kites were flying cheerfully in the sky, and everywhere was filled with the feeling of Spring. On Apr. 22, the award ceremony of 15th World Kite Championship was grandly held on Binhai International Kite Flying Square. On the kite festival, over 800 kite enthusiasts from 65 countries (regions) and 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions of China gathered in Binhai District to feel the charm of flying kites. They displayed excellent competition level and good sportsmanship and made remarkable achievements. 
As one of the units of undertaking this festival, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group under the vigorous support of relevant departments made all efforts to promote construction of supporting projects of Binhai International Kite Flying Square and Wyndham Grand strictly in accordance with deployment requirements of Binhai Party Working Committee and Management Committee, carried out guarantee and preparation work about the venues of opening and closing ceremonies referring to high standards and completed all the responsible tasks of this kite festival with the high quality and a high level. 
Compared with kite festivals of previous years, the kite festival was characterized by many events, tense time and heavy tasks. To guarantee the smooth progress of the festival, the Group held times of dispatching meetings and work allocation meetings. Main responsible personnel control the activity on site strictly in accordance with the requirements, arranged and deployed work in details and planned manpower and material resources as a whole to ensure orderly implementation of work relating to the venue, receipt, dining and so on during the Festival. 
To serve competitors and tourists better and guarantee trial operation during the Kite Festival, as a key cultural tourism project, Binhai Wyndham Grand planned and constructed elaborately by the Group set up the headquarters on the first tire of the project. Construction company carried out construction for 24h by using the “three-shift system”, arranged the detailed work based on the general construction period and carried out construction orderly. With common efforts of all the staff of the Group, the receipt task on the festival was successfully completed. 
To comprehensively improve the quality of Binhai International Kite Flying Square, the Group also carried out comprehensive upgrade and maintenance of infrastructure such as the kite flying lawn, viewing stand, etc. Outdoor construction personnel overcame gale, rain and other adverse weather conditions and upgraded the lawn with an area of 34,000 m2. In addition, a new plan was made, cables and distribution cabinets were laid out newly to meet demands of functional areas for power supply such as the circus, RV camp, etc. and ensure smooth progress of events during the Festival. 
On the Festival eve, the Group organized cadres and staff to carry out large-scale sanitation work in Wyndham Grand to guarantee that a clean, orderly, tidy and beautiful environment can be presented during the Festival. On the scene of labor, all personnel were in high spirits and worked together to carry out comprehensive inspection and cleaning to purify the environment. With joint efforts of all staff of the Group, an “impossible mission” was completed excellently. 
With joint efforts of all staff of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group, Wyndham Grand was unveiled finally. The Beihai Pearl was grandly presented on the azure blue Joy Sea Beach, perfectly interpreting the fabulous charming holy land for rest. Multiple colorful kites competed with each other. Friends and guests from all over the world gathered in Binhai District. We thank all tourism workers of Binhai District who have made contributions silently to the 36th Weifang International Kite Festival. You were the most beautiful scenery line in the Festival! 


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