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Unify Ideology Implement Work Strictly Pursue Substantial Effects The Group Solidly Carried out the Activity of "Year of Practical Work"




Since several meetings were held, including the "Taking Responsibility, Making Achievements and Implementing Work Strictly" work mobilization meeting, "Year of Practical Work" mobilization deployment & "Inviting Merchants and Talents to Collect Investment and Wisdom" Promotion Meeting of Weifang City, High-quality Development Promotion Meeting based on "Inviting Merchants and Talents to Collect Investment and Wisdom" of Binhai District, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group has seriously learnt and understood in-depth connotation of the policy, penetrated from the main industry of tourism, further unified ideology, divided tasks in details, concentrated the power of all the members, set off the "secondary startup" craze characterized by fast implementation, strict implementation and practical performance" to promote realization of higher-quality development in all aspects. 
Implementation of work was discussed vigorously. On Mar. 19, the Group's "My Plan for the Year of Practical Work" discussion activity scheme was released. Through implementation of speech contests throughout the whole Group such as "Discussion about the Working Ideas in 2019", "Self-check, Analysis and Discussion of All the Members", and "My Plan for the Year of Practical Work" and through establishing the special column "My Plan for the Year of Practical Work" on the journal of the Group, the Group further reached consensus in terms of ideology, promoted the ideology of all members to a higher level, improved their quality, accelerated the implementation, shifted the working style significantly and make party construction realize a great leap to strive to open a new pattern of high-quality development of Binhai in tourism. 
High-quality project construction was promoted. The Group seriously implemented arrangement and deployment of the Binhai Party Working Committee and Management Committee, promoted important tasks and key project construction effectively. To ensure smooth progress of the 36th Weifang International Kite Festival as scheduled, the Party Committee of the Group has held several times of topic meetings to discuss deployment related to work, organized strength to repair damaged lawn or that affecting the beauty on the kite flying ground and inspect and repair electrical equipment, establish platforms, beautify the viewing stand and lay out and maintain ground anchor on both sides of the road to ensure that the hardware facilities on the kite flying ground could operate orderly.  Meanwhile, to speed up the construction of Wyndham Grand, main leaders of the Group go to the first tire of the project to supervise and guide work weekly, leaders of each division control implementation on site, leaders and project personnel of the construction company work continuously to arrange detailed work based on the general construction period, strictly control normal progress and promote high-quality and efficient project construction. At present, decoration of 200 guest rooms of the hotel has been completed, and more than one half of construction of kitchens and the lobby has been completed. It is planned that partial facilities of the hotel will be put into operation before the Kite Festival. Joy Sea International Yacht Marina, Ark Hotel, Beihai Rural Oasis Complex and so on are under orderly construction. 
Integrated development of "tourism + festivals" is deepened. On Mar. 27, National Featured Town Basketball Invitation Competition undertaken by the Group was successfully closed. The competition attracted participation of high-level basketball teams from six provinces, including Anhui, Jiangsu, Qinghai and so on, and was reported by central mainstream media such as CCTV Sports News, further expanding influences of Binhai Tourism. Meanwhile, the application of the "Bohai Eye" China tourism image ambassador selection activity organized by the Group is under way vigorously. The activity will promote advertising of Binhai Tourism by means of linkage around 100 colleges and universities, Tik Tok challenge and other emerging publicity modes to forge a national culture brand activity. In this year, the Group will independently plan and undertake large-scale comprehensive tourism festival activity "Joy Sea Beach Culture Festival". It plans to attract fans and increase the passenger volume by introducing Shandong TV large-scale outdoor challenge reality show Happy Sports and by virtue of popular hosts and stars. Besides, the Group will continuously make efforts to hold large-scale competition events successfully, including the Weifang International Kite Festival, World Kiteboarding Championships, Strawberry Music Festival and so on to promote in-depth integration of tourism and culture, sports, music, etc., keep improving the influences of Binhai District in the world and bring Binhai to the international stage and make Binhai catch the eyes of the whole world. 
Strategic planning of the coming five years is formulated through discussion. The Group held 2019-2023 Strategic Planning Seminar of the Group on the basis of in-depth research of the current situation of development environment and the industry in accordance with the deployment requirements of Binhai Party Working Committee and Management Committee, established the development ideology of "Highlight Core Business, Strengthen Multiple Industries, Enhance the Marketing Capacity, Expand the Brand Effects, Improve the Economic Benefits and Realize the Goal of Being a Strong Unit from a Large Unit", formulated the Five-year Strategic Development Planning of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group, specified the timetable, route map and responsible personnel and prepared promotion measures to promote higher-quality development of the Group. To guarantee proper implementation of key works, the Group established the work supervision system, controlled work based on the work responsibility list and improved quality, speed and effects in return to promote all the tasks could be completed successfully. 


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